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CT2HOV, Nuno Gomes, Mountain Goat

Congrats are in order to Nuno Gomes, CT2HOV, for being the second Portuguese activator to reach Mountain Goat status.

The achievement occurred at Encosta do Diabo, CT/BB-006, on the day after Christmas, where Nuno surpassed the 1000 activator points.

“I´d like to highlight the contribution of both activators and chasers, who, in the last four years, made possible all these activations, with success”, explained the new CT Mountain Goat.

Nuno added that it was Vitor Moreira, CT2IXP, who first challenged to go and make his first activation.

“At the time, I was far from guessing that activating CT/DL-003 would lead me down this road”, added the new Mountain Goat.

Nuno also said that in the last couple of years he was able to share some memorable joint activations, namely with CT2IXP, CT1DBS, CT1HIX, CT2GSN, CT7ABG, CT7AFR, CT2IQK, CT1CFX, CT2IXW, SCOUTS, CT2HBL and CT2IWW.

He also sent along some images of some of those moments.

Paulo, CT2IWW

SOTA Portugal AM


Congratulations Nuno. Welcome to the herd.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Congratulations Nuno on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats, Nuno, on your MG achievement.
I’ll be looking forward to QSO with you again on your way to MG #2.


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Bravo Nuno!
73 Fabio

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Big congrats Nuno !

73, Jarek SP9MA

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Nuno, congratulations and well done! I am pleased to see you join the ranks of Mountain Goat and thanks for the many QSOs as both an activator and chaser. 73 de CT7/K9PM

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Congratulations Nuno :+1:

And thanks for many chases and S2S. Keep it up.
If I can work you from OE in QRP then I know conditions are good.

All the best and 73

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Congratulations Nuno on your MG achievement,good luck stay safe.
73 Don G0RQL.

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Congratulations Nuno on your MG achievement. Remembering also our good friend Pedro CT1DBS from the photo above.
73, John EI3KA

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Bravo Nuno !
I wish you a lot of fun tof the next thousand points :wink:
73 QRO Roger

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Congratulations Nuno.


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73, Ken

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Congratulations Nuno for the MG, I look to the next Qso, both from EA and CT.
73 by EA4DOS Elena and EA4DON Alex.

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Very well, Nuno! Congrats on your fine achievement. Keep up the good work.
Stay safe & best 73… de Carlos CT1BQH

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Congratulations Nuno!
Keith KR7RK

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Hi Nuno

Also our big congratulations to your Mountain Goat :clap: :clap:
It’s everytime a big pleasure to work you in a S2S - we look forward to many more contacts… :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

Enjoy SOTAing and 'til the next QSO :+1: :grin: :grin:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

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Hi Nuno,

Congratulations for Mountain Goat status it’s a pleasure to have worked you and great to put a face to the call sign will see you on the next one.

Regards MM1HMZ

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Congratulations Nuno.
Thanks for several contacts and welcome to the herd.

Vy 73 de HB9CRY, Rene

Congrats, Nuno!
73 de LZ2AF / Rumen