CT1DTE heart surgery and summit activations!

Tomorrow is a national holiday in Portugal.

CT1DTE Luis Valadas, in the company of other hams (CT1DYH, CR7AKX, CT1DBS, CT1END and others) will activate the summit SOTA CT/ES-007 - Serra do Socorro, whose access is very easy.

Luis, CT1DTE, will do this activation before heart surgery and after a heart stroke at the end of October.

This is a desire of Luis and all involved want that he has the best activation ever! :smile:

So, we invite all chasers to try a QSO with Luis CT1DTE because joy would be part of his the treatment!

He will be operating in the frequency of 7,188 MHz, 14,288 MHz, 21,288 MHz and 28,588 MHz SSB (+ -10Khz);

Tomorrow is a good day for CT chasers. :smile:

It will be in the air, at least, CT/ES-007 - Serra do Socorro (AM), CT/ES-005 - Monte Alqueidão (AM), CT/DL011 - Serra da Boneca (AM), CT/DL 008 - Serra da Brenha (PM), CT/BB-030 - Monforte da Beira (AM), CT/BB-027 - Alcafozes (PM), CT/BA-021 - Monte de Reriz (AM), CT/BA-001 - Serra de Montemuro (PM) !

Details on Sotawatch, as usual.

Vy 73

Pedro CT1DBS


Tnx for info.
I will try a S2S with Luis if Wx is OK.
Gerald F6HBI

Hello Luis
I wish you well with your forthcoming operation, & hope all goes well.
73’s Ken G0FEX

Luis, CT1DTE,

I wish you well for your operation, be a good boy, listen to your doctor, and when you are well again, listen to what your body is telling you!

73, John
[a “zipper” man since 2003]


I didn’t realise that this was an old entry.


… sorry…