CSV editor for Dummies

My SOTA csv editor won’t recognise the ZL3 summits when i try to enter in my chase via the editor unless I untick in options the Summits Reference Check . Is that normal or am i doing something wrong. I just tried for updates thinking my version does not have ZL3 in the file list of summits.
Ian vk5cz …

If it doesn’t recognise the ZL3 summit then:

  • do you need to update the app?
  • have you got the refs wrong?
  • were the refs valid on the date entered?

Dr Ian
Try VK port-a-log and you get ride of all these kind of problems! In my opinion it is simply the best SOTA log program!
hny es 73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

Close the CSV Editor

Click the Windows Start Menu and type SOTA you should see:

Click the Top one, when it has finished you should have the latest Database.

Stewart G0LGS


It appears that VK port-a-log is an Android App - and so perhaps more suited to activators than chasers.

Stewart G0LGS

Thanks everyone a few things to try there.
It’s not an issue i don’t work many zl3 activators i can just load then into the data base when logged in. I only use the csv method when i have a long list to enter be it activating or chasing.
Ian vk5cz …

Hi Steward

Not at all: VK port-a-log is working fine for a chaser and an activator!
VK port-a-log is producing the following files:
SOTA CSV activator file ready for upload to sotadata.org.uk
SOTA CSV chaser file ready for upload to sotadata.org.uk
ADIF file ready for import to third party logging software. Contains all QSOs for the local day.

At the end of a day a chaser or an activator is uploading the files! And that it is!!!
No more playing around with an editor program, a converter program or Excel! Life is too short to run complicated workflows! Keep it easy and simple!
If you use VK port-a-log as a chaser, do not put ur portable call in the setup (hi,hi)!
Try it!
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

As far as I’m concerned anything written for Android is for ‘portable’ use so mainly suitable for ‘activators’.

Just to be clear My SOTA CSV Editor is a 32-bit Windows Program (that also works under WINE on Linux) that creates a single CSV file that can be uploaded for either chaser or activator logging (all QSO’s can be in one file if that is what suits the user), it also produces a ADIF file - no conversion by any other program is necessary.

Stewart G0LGS