CSV do ADI conversion


I see this question has been asked zillion times, but once again: what is the tool to convert .csv Sota log to .adi file?

I downloaded my sota (.csv) log, I want to convert it to .adi, but the available tools are not working (or I am doing something wrong) :

  • Saisie SOTA Ver.12.2. has an error with the date while importing the .csv log, can not produce an .adi file

  • Online SOTA CSV to ADIF conversion by ON6ZQ converts only the first 1001 qsos

  • Old CSV2ADI_V2 creates an incorrect .adi file

Fric YU1WC

It fails at 1001… so convert 1000 QSOs at a time. Maybe?

Yes, it is the only solution in this moment

“SOTA CSV editor” program from Stewart G0LGS has an “Export to ADI” function. I have never used that fuction but the program itself is nice.

Might be worth a look.

73 Ed.


You could try Log4OM which is a free logging software, It imports the SOTA csv directly into the logbook and if you then wish to, you could export those QSO’s as an ADIF file

Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team

My program has no hard limit to the number of QSO’s it can handle (it is only limited by the amount of memory available to windows).

Be aware that there are potential issues with using the CSV log format to create a ADIF log. This is because the CSV does not have all of the information required by ADIF standards (i.e. RST’s are required for ADIF), my program does have some optional features that can be used to mitigate for that (See the Docs).

Hello Fric,
I noticed that problem before and forgot to tell Alain F6ENO to correct it.
Until Alain correct the bug, you can edit the CSV file with “Notepad” and with "CTRL+H"
write 16 instead of 2016 (it is an example).
After that the import in SAISIE Sota will be OK.

73 from Gerald F6HBI

Fric, I have used an excel spreadsheet to log my contacts for the last 15-20 years, so when I finally became interested in using online QSL services (e-qsl and LOTW), I needed a method to convert the data from the excel spreadsheets into ADI format. After a bit of looking around I found an article by VE3IAY on how to put together some formulaes in excel to create an ADI file from excel data - which I have been using for a number of years now. Spreadsheet to ADIF Conversion
It is not the easiest to setup and a little clunky to use it, but works fine for me as long as I concentrate when doing it.

I am seriously thinking about Log4OM which appears to cover most of what I want, so I may be moving towards that for my logging at home - will get around to trying it out in the not too distant future. Result of that would be that outputting my log in different formats would be a lot simpler!

One warning regarding downloading the SOTA csv files, if you operate over zulu midnight in a single activation (as we do in VK), the database changes the dates on you so that all contacts areon the same zulu day (even when they were made on different zulu days). I have received numerous e-qsl’s with the wrong date from other amateurs who have downloaded the csv file without realising this. Small pitfall but one that does happen.


Hello Fric,
You can now install the new version of SAISIE SOTA (12.4) it is uptodate and import CSV from database is OK.
Tell us how it works please.
73 from Gerald

Hello Gerald,

With new Saisie Sota 12.4 there is still an error. The exact sequence is:

  • I download my complete activator log from SOTA database
  • I open SAISIE SOTA and open the csv file
  • SAISE SOTA says: Delayed time, you must enter QTR (UTC)
  • I press OK
  • SAISE SOTA says: ‘07/02/2016’ n’est pas une date correcte
    (07/02/2016 is the date of the last qso in the log)
  • I press OK
    (the log is imported and all looks OK but I can not save it)
  • I press Save
  • SAISE SOTA says:‘29/03/2015’ n’est pas une date correcte
    (29/03/2015 is the date of the first qso in the log)
  • I press OK
  • I press Save again
  • SAISE SOTA says:Erreur E/S 32

73 Fric YU1WC

Hello Fric

It seems to be a date format error.
Try to go to setup of your PC and change the country or region settings to “France”

I suppose that YU date format is not understood by Saisie_SOTA
I will have a look about that

Keep me in touch
73 Alain F6ENO

PS: of course, don’t forget to go back to YU settings… hi!

Hello Alain

It worked!

Whit regional settings set to “France” csv conversion is 100% OK.

As I am concerned, there is no need to change SAISIE_SOTA because of this.
I do not need adi format on daily basis, so I am perfectly OK to change the regional settings from time to time.

Thank you
Fric YU1WC

as you just import you log. Can you check if all bands have been imported correctly.
I mean, 160M, 17M and 12M if you have some qso on these bands.
Tell me pse.

Hi Fric
Glad to know it works.
But sure I will try to fix the problem, because it may happen with other country setting.
It is a problem for me, because I test the soft on my PC, and I forget that it should work on other country settings…
Fortunately, every problem may be solved
73 Alain F6ENO

PS1: CU with V12.5… !
PS2: Gerald found a bug with the band plan… once more, each country may have its own band plan

So far I have only qsos on 40/30/20 and all seems to be OK