Croc Clips - Linked Diploes

I’ve tried several sources for mini croc clips for linked dipoles. They’re all prone to rusting the first time they get wet. The nickel plating is very thin. I can can get mini crocs that are zinc plated but they are very expensive and not an ideal design - or I can get another brand cheaper if I buy 100!! Does anyone know a good supplier for rustless mini crocs? Thanks.

You need to study the Zen of Connectors, Grasshopper…

If croc-clips rust and searching for croc-clips less likely to rust is difficult or expensive, then the croc-clip is not the correct connector.

Lucar connectors or better the small RC gold plated bullet connectors, don’t corrode. The RC bullets are simplicity to fit and use.

Many thanks for your swift reply oh wise one! I shall order some immediately. Mind you, the gold-plated ones seem a bit decadent :slight_smile: 73 John MW0XOT

I’ve used ‘standard’ crimp on bullet or spade connectors, but I’ve seen examples using Power Poles and phono (RCA) connectors too. I don’t know how rust resistant any of these are in use (I’ve only used mine when it has been mostly dry).

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I use C59R Faston connectors for my linked wire radial and they don’t get rusty.
73 de Guru

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Geoff G6MZX put me onto the gold RC connectors. They’re cheap, light, easy to connect when wearing gloves, don’t rust and have low volume. All good things for SOTA.

I would guestimate the gold plating thickness is not measured in microns but more likely nanocrons, picocrons or most likely, femtocrons :slight_smile:

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Here’s where I got mine, much cheaper just take a little longer to arrive:

Victor GI4ONL

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We use Giboshi terminals for Linked dipole.



I am just installing this kind of alligator clips (right one). From my point of view it is more reliable than left one because it is crew mountain.

Apart from Andy’s solution I only use 1 crock clip per link. The other side of the insulator I just “tin” an extra piece of the end wire first then wrap it around on the antenna wire giving a nice surface for the single crock clip to grip on. One less to go rusty or break off getting caught up on weeds or rocks when erecting the antenna. We never get enough rain or any snow to rust too much here of course.
Ian vk5cz …


So how thick is a minuscule of gold then?

That makes sense Ian, but in Wales the weather is usually rain and if not, it’s just damp!

I Just dry everything when I get home and coat the clips in GT85 or WD40. Gives you an excuse to check them over before the next outing.

Getting wet is fairly common now in this WB period. I preferred last years weather…


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i used this for my linked dipole:


Love the screw-locked connections. Strip an inch (oops! 25.4mm) of the aerial wire, twist strands together and wrap round the outside of the insulation and clamp the screw fixing down onto the wire wrap + insulation to get an almost indestructible connection :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

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Another alternative is VK3YY’s switched design: Multiband Linked Dipole using Switches | VK3YY

Those switches, even with heatshrink, would last a few weeks in GM before they were rusted to nothing.

The R/C power connectors are my first choice these days; they’re as close as you can get to two bits of wire that just join, they weigh next to nothing, and they don’t snag in the bag.

Anderson power poles are silver plated hence they will not “rust”

Anderson power poles are much more expensive and heavier!