Crete here we are back again

Dear SOTA friends,


Finally after a year of hard work a bit SOTA and IOTA rest …:slight_smile:

As you probably already noticed in the SOTAwatch, we try activating a few SOTA-places in Crete during our holiday.

The time of arrival (ETA) may vary as indicated at the SOTAwatch. Sorry about that … We are in a foreign country, a strange place, Wx conditions over there and sometimes we will have to be found the best path straight to the summit.

QRG: I have a multiband dipole antenna with me for 40-20-17-15 m band. Pole only ± 3 m long. Probable the QRG’s will be 7.118 MHz - 14.280 MHz - 18.140 MHz - 21.280 MHz depending QRM. TxRx will be as usual FT817 … QRP only 5 W.

In the evening I will regularly try to be QRV from the beach IOTA - EU-015 - QTH is Analipsi. If your hear me … PSE call me.

+++++ I like a spot on a Dx-cluster +++++

For SOTA => selfspot when QRV or cancel via GSM - cellphone.

Callsign will be SV9/ON6DSL/P during “all” activations.

Hopefully that all activations may succeed and my logbook will be well filled.


Luc and Xyl Annemie

ON6DSL soon as SV9/ON6DSL/P

In reply to ON6DSL:
Thanx 4the info !

Hope you’ll update the next coupe of days, I just got my gear together and we’re leaving next thursday for Crete for a week.
Maybe we can manage a summit-to summit.
The rig will be a FT-857, and the antenna a 5m fishing rod for a groundplane or inverted V.
QTH Agios Nikolaos.

73’s !!


In reply to PA4VIC:

Hi Vic,

First, I wish you a wonderful holiday with lots of sun and (SOTA-IOTA) QSO’s.

Hopefully we can activate several summits and yes, maybe we can manage a summit-to summit, it would be nice.

But, I heard from some radio amateurs and skype friends that the last recent weeks there is a very hard strong wind over the whole island. Maybe I should cancel some SOTA activities when it is too dangerous.

I’m also visit again some good friends over there like SV0XCC/9 Paul - SV9ANK Nikos - SV9GPV George.

We leaving Belgium on monday 27-8-2012 and stay one week.

So let’s hope for a nice holiday with many activations SOTA and IOTA.

73 - Efdominda Tria Adio Jassu

Luc, ON6DSL soon SV9/ON6DSL/P

In reply to ALL:

SRI dear SOTA friends,

XYL Annemie has hurt her ankle yesterday evening on the steps of the hotel. Perhaps I probably should cancel all sota activations here in Crete from my side. If there is an activation from me I should let you know for sure via SMS spot SOTA-Watch.

My apology to all those waiting for me today.

Probably will NOT make a activation on SV/CR001.

73 de ON6DSL Luc and Xyl Annemie

For your info, at this moment Luc is on the air on 14.285 with a non-SOTA activation.

In reply to ON4UP:
Hi, Luc,

Hope the injury of Annemarie wasn’t too serious and you’re having just as great a holiday as we are.

We’ve been lazing about in town and on the beach long enough, so I’ve decided to activate my first mountain tomorrow : SV/CR-31 Loutsi.

Since not only the sidewalks but also the traffic seem a bit dangerous if you’re not used to them, I’ve abandoned my idea of cycling and this seems the easiest to reach from the road.
Hope to be QRV from about 11 o’clock till my 3.5Ah lipo’s wear out on 20 and 17 m.

73’s, Vic

In reply to PA4VIC:

Hi Vic,
Hope all went well with the activation. I’m drove also to this Sota-ref. SV/CR031 near Elounda, but the circumstances of the Xyl I wisely decided not to do the activation.
Maybe hope to work you some day.
Good luck with further SOTA activations!

73 - Luc ON6DSL (Ex SV9/ON6DSL/P)

In reply to ALL:

Dear SOTA friends

Unfortunately I have no SOTA activations on our holiday Crete 2012 trip.

However, I do have posted some photos for you on the SOTA and Summits on the Air Photo Pool and I have also a small video that can be viewed on YouTube under the following link. I is NOT a SOTA but IOTA video.:wink:

Hope that you all enjoy … like me!