Creigh Hill GM/ES-064 - 10m in good shape on Valentine's Day

Creigh Hill is an easy 1-pointer in Angus, recently activated by Fraser MM0EFI/P. You can check his report for the map - I used the same layby for parking-it is used mainly by folk accessing a picnic site on the shore of the Backwater reservoir. I took his yellow route up. Weather was misty with no wind.

Grassy ATV track from the base of the hill approaches a gate - ignore the gate

Take the single track path, which heads uphill parallel to the fence.

You then reach another fence at 90 deg to the first one, which runs all the way to the top
Looking back down on the fence from the summit - secondary summit cairn far left

The main summit marker is apparantly an ancient grave - Cairn Motherie, which is on the other side of the crestal fence from where I arrived.

View down on Backwater Reservoir

Another view of Backwater reservoir from lower down - you drive across the dam to reach the parking layby.


Equipment: 857d, wire delta loops, Sotabeams 40/20 linked dipole, 2m loop, 2m 5el yagi by Innovantennas, 2x 7m DXCommander poles.

I was hoping to catch Fraser, MM0EFI/P, who was on Mount Keen GM/ES-014 and had started earlier than me. I was a bit late arriving at the top, so I hurriedly slung my 2m loop up and managed to catch him on 2m FM before he became hypothermic. Thanks for hanging around Fraser :wink:
GM0VMV then called me from Edinburgh, but that was it for 2m. I put out a spot and called for a few minutes but nothing more heard. I tried 2m SSB with my 5el beam later in the day, but nada as well.

40m was in great shape and a spot brought 35 QSOs, including a S2S with 2E0VRX/P. Last in the 40m log was Mike MM7MWL from the Deeside SOTA group.

20m was also good into EU and with short skip to UK as well. After a S2S with Rene and Carine HB9FZC/P and HB9NBG/P, a spot brought a long run of another 40.

17m brought another 28 mainly EU, including 4 S2S with EA8CWA being best DX

10m sounded pretty busy and a spot brought an excellent run, with K3CU PA first in the log. Another 17 QSOs followed, including W5GDW NC, KQ2RP NJ, KN4OK Ala, K8ITU WV, NE4TN Tenn, and WB8BHN IL
Due to QRM I QSY’d lower in the band and put out another spot. This brought another 15 QSOs, including Esther and Ian GI0AZA/AZB and more Stateside chasers K2CZH NJ, N3VS Pa, N1ZF CT and KF9D IL. VU3OZW called me but disappeared before I could get my report, which is a pity as that would have been a new country for me on SOTA.

With my battery starting to show signs of fatigue I decided to call it a day at 1415 with 140 in the log. Kudos to Dinos SV3IEG, who chased me on 3 bands. Creigh Hill is a nice one and I’d like to come back in better weather to see the views more clearly. Thanks to all - catch you on the next hill.


Wonderful report and pics, great to make S2S From G/ NP -029 nice easy armchair copy
bellow is a pic of our set up

Cheers Craig 2E0VRX/P. 73

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Yes indeed. I think your WX was better than mine.

That’s a great log Simon. Good to see 10 m working well for you. Thanks for the Complete / summit to summit. It was blowing 40 mph winds over Mount Keen, but I found some shelter. Not the most comfy operating position however. The sun came out after I packed away my HF kit, so I didn’t mind waiting 10 mins for the summit to summit.

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Hardly a breath of wind where I was - only 30 miles and 500m elevation difference between us. Just Scotland, I guess.

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I’ve made lots of UK contacts on 20 m in the past couple of days. Quite unusual.

I often see the weather change at the top of Glenshee, also near Stonehaven and at the top of The Cairn o’ Mount. I experienced sun and wind, whereas you had more overcast conditions and little wind. However, you were south of my imaginary weather line!

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