Creating 2x logs per day

Is there a prohibition on creating more than one activation log per day? I tried splitting my log of 28 QSOs from yesterday the 17th into two, but the 2nd log with the 17th date wasn’t accepted. There was a a long line of stuff talking about errors, prohibitions etc & it seemed to focus pn the date.
I tried it again as a test, but got the same result. Is it me or the system, please?

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Hi John,
Why make it simple when you can make it complicated !
What is the point of splitting a log ?
The server does not understand …

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Because I entered all 28 QSOs & found at the end that I had made an error which meant the whole log wasn’t accepted, so for safety I thought I’d make two entries.
Also, someone I spoke to today had 128 QSOs in total yesterday on several hills on the Lake District Activity weekend. I would want a separate log for each hill & not enter 128 QSOs onto one activation log-it would take hours if done manually! Done via logging software might not be so much of a problem.

Each summit needs to be a different log, but you should enter all the QSOs for each activation (i.e. each summit) in one log.

I log on the hill with paper and then use FLE to create an ADIF file. I upload this to the SOTA database. If there is an error it won’t be accepted. If I realise afterwards that there is an error I delete it from the database, correct the error in FLE and upload the new ADIF file. Simples.


Thanks for your thoughts, but you lost me mentioning FLE etc…
So does the database only accept one activation log per day per SOTA hill reference? That might be why it rejected my entry, if I follow your gist.

I am pretty certain it can take multiple activation (during one day) in one csv or adif log when uploaded.
Errors will be highlighted in the summary table with red colour. In that case just cancel, correct and try again.

EDIT: Just tested the csv upload with two differen summits in one file. Not problem.

But you are right. Everthing for one summit per day has to be in one file. You can’t “add” things in a second go.

FLE stands for Fast Log Entry. A tool to quickly convert paper to digital logs. :: Fast Log Entry (FLE)


I think that’s where your problem stems from.


Thanks for your reply, but computer logging is probably beyond me, certainly for Windows, as we’re an all-Mac house.
I can see that there are IOS based apps for logging, but I’m not sure I do enough activating to make it worth my while getting into this.

Hi Fraser, it looks like you’ve confirmed my thoughts. Ho hum, back to the beginning…


Have you tried using VK Port a log direct from your android device? I’m a firm convert.

Simple to record multiple summits in one day, change bands, modes, power from a summit. Also self-spot as well as receive live alerts from sotawatch3. You record summit to summits as you go.

When you want to upload it to the database, it is literally a couple of clicks and tbe whole thing goes on, including your summit to summits.

Ah, no android device in the house apart from the big telly, I believe & I’m not lugging that up a hill…:wink:


When you upload files (CSV or ADIF) you should learn to use the “manage uploads” option. When you upload a file it can contain chase QSOs, activation QSOs and S2S QSOs. Sometimes you will have errors and your activation will not be accepted but your chases and S2S QSOs are. What you should do at this point is use “Manage Uploads” to delete everything that was upload from the file you submitted. It cleans out everything submitted. Then edit the CSV/ ADIF file and resubmit.

Everyone needs to get into the habit of:

  1. create file of all logs
  2. submit.
  3. accept if all ok… job done drink beer, task finished.
  4. cancel if errors
  5. manage uploads to clean out everything else that was in the submitted file
  6. edit file and fix errors.
  7. goto step 2

You can only activate a summit once per UTC day for points and the DB will not allow you to submit 2 activations for the summit.

Manage uploads is your friend.


Yes, the DB only accepts one log per summit per day. But don’t worry, because if you lose connection (or interest) halfway through, it usually remembers where you were up to when you go back to resume entering your logs (on the manual entry method).

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Home solution: Copy the first log, open the others, copy and paste the first one.

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Likewise here, Fraser.
When I first opened the app (2020?), without referring to any documentation, I was intimidated. I never even tried logging practice QSOs.
A few weeks ago I found myself on a summit without paper and had to try the app. Now I don’t miss the paper, hi!
So I’m happy to report that this old dog can learn a new trick!

David N6AN


Does Mac not do a spreadsheet?

I use a spreadsheet to generate a csv file and upload that. The upload copes with multiple summits, multiple days and the odd chase thrown in as well.

V2 MM0JLA/P GM/ES-012 22/06/22 12:20 14MHZ ssb SV3IEG TX500
V2 MM0JLA/M 22/06/22 14:20 144MHZ FM MM0HGY GM/SS-182 VX7

the last 2 lines of a 7 summit 92 QSO log typed into Open Office and saved as CSV.


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Hi Rod, yes, I have a big Mac with Excel, so I will have a go at creating a cvs file. I’ve just very carefully manually entered an activation log again for 28 QSOs only to be kicked back saying I wasn’t logged in! Getting fed up with this lark…
73 John

Are you aware the DB is not working correctly this morning?

‘Easy CSV Editor’. Wonderful Mac App and use it to upload all my logs.

Er-no…could be why it said I wasn’t logged in when I clearly was…ho hum…ta for the info anyway, Andy.

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