Cqww cw

Thought I’d start a separate topic for this one. A real opportunity to increase the number of DXCCs worked from G SOTA activations on the weekend of November 29/30. Sean M0GIA and myself hope to be out on the Sunday, practising our CW, giving a few points away and hopefully adding to our DXCCs.

In anticipation, I just had my first go on RuFZxp for 3 months, and got a my new record score straight away. Nothing spectacular of course, but progress for me. Maybe now I will be able to call the contest stations after listening to them 5 times instead of last year’s 10 hi!


I think this will work better than ssb. I made last year 199 cw qso on 40m with 69 dxcc entities and all continents with my qrp equipment.

73 …

Hoping for good weather to allow for an “all-dayer” activation working the CW contest stations. Also hoping to get a ‘no strings’ pass-out without the kids for once! (Jimmy M3EYP has already declared that he doesn’t want to join in on this activation).

Sean, I’ve added an alert for you next to mine, if that’s OK. Have you managed to secure a kid-free pass-out? I think it’s a good idea. What we plan to do is likely to be too long and too boring, on probably too cold a day for Jimmy to cope with, let alone Liam, or Tash & Dan. Can’t see any of them enjoying it, not even Jimmy.

Maybe the XYLS and kids should join us up there for a picnic about 1pm, or in the Rushton Inn about 5pm!

Just got to decide whether it will be Wiltshire Ham & Golden Sweetcorn Chowder, or British Potato, Leek & Kentish Cider soup in my flask.


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Hi Tom,

Andy (AKL), Ghis (CEL) and I will be multi op in CQWW (call F6CEL). Will pay special attention to /P callers…

73 Alain F6ENO

FB Alain. If we work F6CEL, we will try to remember to send SOTA reference as well - or you may prefer that we don’t, for fast contacts.


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My new Begali Magnetic Classic arrived today so I will be looking for you chaps after a week of practise. Hi


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Hi Tom,

Ref SOTA are ALWAYS welcome !

73 QRO

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OK David,

A very nice key indeed ! I had a look on Begali’s website and saw the price… But when we like, we don’t count…
I will be pleased to know what you think about magnets rather than springs.

73 Alain

Had a few dabbles in the CQWW CW yesterday and crossed off a few more DXCC-band slots, particularly on 160m and 15m, plus a new DXCC in the form of SV5.

All set for today then, and setting off shortly. At some point in the day, I hope to send a SOTAwatch Spot for 80m CW and spend a block of time working SOTA chasers.


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Cheers Tom - very damp here now in North Yorkshire, drizzle melting the frost after a low of -2.3c overnight. I hope you have a dry session on Gun.