CQ WW SSB contest will jam 20M & 15M Phone bands this weekend

The biggest SSB contest of the year is this weekend so I suggest ssb activators avoid 20M and 15M if they can.

73, Barry N1EU

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Agree with you Barry, This is the weekend to use the WARC bands if activators licenses allow it and they have equipment for the bands.

(40m gets busy as well if I remember correctly).


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OH dear

Will have to fight them off, all being well get radio in 2016 with WARC’s on it. Plus opportunities to clock new DXCC’s too etc.


Good luck with that :smile:


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Or CW on all bands… :wink:

73 Marc G0AZS

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Heh, heh - well I for one will be unapologetically joining the legions hammering the bands for all they’re worth in the upcoming contest. For SOTA , there’s always tomorrow - AND, as Ed says, you can always use the WARC bands!


Hi Ed,

You can certainly try. However, they’re usually swamped witth the refugees from the contest, making them just as unworkable as all the other bands.

73 Mike

There`s always 2m Barry :wink:


I’ll bet that ten is open but just during the hours of the contest! :wink:


Ten WILL be open - just go HIGH in the band (above 29.0)

73, Barry N1EU

If experience of previous years is anything to go by, it will also jam the CW bands … especially 40m.

This is by far the most antisocial contest of the year.


…and by extension, the thousands of contestants are also antisocial for taking part in an event that lasts a mere two days out of 365? Methinks you should get out more…

Well, if the CW operators are lucky enough to have their own bands, where’s the problem?

No problem if the SSB contesters stay out of the CW bands - but that won’t happen, it never does happen!


Brian, my point - and I’m sure you’re already several steps ahead of me - is that there is no such thing as a “CW band”. The roughly-lower-halves of each of the HF bands are certainly recommended for CW and other narrow-bandwidth modes, but that’s just a recommendation, and is not written in stone. We’re all of us aware however that CW can actually be used at any time, and ANYWHERE, in those bands - thereby giving practitioners of the art what some might consider to be an unfair advantage over the phone-only “losers” like myself, and indeed your good self.

Contesters are people; SOTA operators are people; we all have to somehow get along together in this overcrowded little world, and be perhaps just a tad more understanding, forgiving and compassionate toward our fellow man. Just my $0.02 cent contribution, for what little it’s worth.



Perfect opportunity to use 17m & 12m

Oh, I don’t disagree with you, Rob, though a minor quibble is that it is my understanding that the phone bands for the USA and its territories are mandated by the FCC. I was just clarifying what I thought was the previous posters thought.

Good luck in the contest.


The CWers will get their own back in November, when the “antisocialness” is kind of “equal and opposite”. Never mind, all part of life’s rich tapestry…

You need to take a look at the IARU band plans, Tom. You will find that it is not considered antisocial to use CW in the so-called “SSB” sections of the HF bands.


…that’s because the band plans permit such use, and rightly so. The heavier CW traffic in those portions of the bands during such a contest might be considered by some to be antisocial, but I suspect they may be the same people who complain loudly that too many vehicles are on the road during a Bank Holiday.

You can’t please all the people all the time…


Or just use the weekend to build some brownie points with the “other half”! You don’t have to explain that you’re only cutting the grass/painting the shed etc because the bands are busy :wink: This is a great sacrifice because we love them!

30m? At least no voice IIRC