This weekend we will have in the bands the king of the contests CQ WW DX CW. The bands will be very busy. Maybe, a weekend of rest for SOTA.
But, if you’re on the mountain and you call CQ SOTA. I will turn my antennas towards your station, do not hesitate.
I will be at my house. with the special call EF5F. I hope to hear them.

73 de Dani EA5FV & EF5F


I guess we’re in the northern hemisphere pre-winter-bonus doldrums anyway… :wink:


I bet the propagation mysteriously improves!


I love activating in this event. I guess it’s not so appealing to chasers, but potentially great fun for activators.

I’ve got a lot of transcribing work and a gig this weekend, but I’ll try to get out for a session, probably on 15m, on both Saturday and Sunday.


I will activate on Sunday.
It is not a problem at all for me to give contest report if someone “from there” will copy my CQ and call me :wink:

73, Jarek


10, 15, 17, and 20 have been awesome here in North Cackalackee
and I have worked a lot of NEW DX to fill in the slots I am missing
for DXCC 5 Band the last couple of days. 15 meters surprised me
with several openings so don’t give up guys and keep listening around.

I will be chasing my SOTA’s and watching for the DX too.

72/73 de John Paul // AB4PP


Hola Dani,

see you in contest. I’ll be QRV with my contest call DP4X.

73, Mario DJ2MX (9A4MX,NØMX,E73DX)

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Dream station that Dani - fabulous, so good luck in the contest! I’ll be lurking in the darkness hours I reckon for an hour or two on 80 and 160m. Condx on 160m have been pretty good this week, and I gave CW and FT8 some use during unsocial hours, Carrinean and USA were coming into NE England very well indeed.

73 Phil G4OBK

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Did a bit on 15m this morning n G/SP-015. Not so great really - just a handful of QSOs. Lots of stations heard - including VK3 - but not much joy getting myself heard. P33W about as exotic as it got for me.

Much more like it today. I decided to persist with 15m and have an afternoon session on The Cloud G/SP-015. Stations worked:

EF8R - Canary Islands AF-004
9G5W - Ghana
PJ2T - Curacao SA-099
3B8M - Mauritius AF-049
PR4T - Brazil
PP5BZ - Brazil
TO1A - French Guiana
8P5A - Barbados NA-021
V26K - Antigua NA-100
PJ4K - Bonaire SA-006
CR2X - Azores EU-003 (?)
SW9AA - Crete EU-015
EA8/OL1A - Canary Islands AF-004
4X2M - Israel
P40W - Aruba SA-036
PY2KJ - Brazil
SV9DJO - Crete EU-015
HI3CC - Dominican Republic NA-096
G3KAF - England EU-005
V55A - Namibia
CR3W - Madeira AF-014
CR3S - Madeira AF-014
PJ4A - Bonaire SA-006
V47T - St Kitts & Nevis NA-104
6V7A - Cameroon
CR3DX - Madeira AF-014
ZD7W - St Helena AF-022
PP5KR - Brazil
ZW5B - Brazil

Not bad with an FT-817 running 5 watts into a homemade GP antenna, on a cold SOTA summit! I am just slightly pleased!

I finished with 4 QSOs on 2m FM before going over to Gun G/SP-013.

Here things were tricky with S20 suffering the continuation of a several hours-long monologue of foul language and slanderous accusations from an intoxicated sounding Alan M1DCG in Bentilee, Stoke-on-Trent. He is doing this frequently at present but this was the worst - and most vulgar, I’ve heard for a while.

Anyway, I just shouted up on S20 that I would be listening 450 if anyone heard me - and fortunately, five did. So 2m FM is alive and well after all!


I’m not feeling very bright but had a go to get my CW up to speed - why, oh why is there a contest station OM0M?
Nothing against him personally but could I decode the callsign - nah!


I had a vy nice contest weekend. My score:


Was that QRP?

Yes. 100% QRP. Not only in the mountains, also from the shack as chaser or as contester.

Not always easy…

Ok. I think you did a great score on QRP.
This contest is particularly hard on QRP, so logging 600 QSOs is a real achievement for a European.
Well done!


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Isn’t he SE5H’s uncle? I think his UK call is M0MOM.

Great contest this year - 160m and 80m were spectacular. 10m less so.

73, John, G3WGV (or is it G3WVG?)

Many, many years ago a keen VHFer friend of mine was operating in the “mother of all auroras” on 2m CW. He was working serious DX and called, obviously CQ DX and G0HOH called him. CQ CQ DX PSE and G0HOH duly called. PSE DX ONLY DX DX DX ONLY and that’s when he realised HG0HO was calling him for a new country on 2m Aurora.

Pays to listen carefully.


This contest is particularly hard on QRP

I was in CQ WW using 100 Wt into 3 el tribander @12 m. I worked barely readable EU RUS station on 20m last weekend. That was by far the weakest signal I came across during the contest. It took good couple minutes and multiple repeats to complete QSO. I got e-mail next day. He was using 3 el yagi @30m and 160 mWt of power (yes you heard that right - that’s 160 milliWatts).

Distance? 16151 km short path.

And 73!
Andrei, de ZL1TM


That QRPP contact is one of those merited ones where the biggest merit is on the receiving station side, in this case, you. Congrats for your good ears and your patience.


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A small impression of my CQ WW DX CW QRP contest.