Just been on 10m this morning and the band is full of RTTY stations around 28080 and up in the CQ WPX RTTY Contest. You just need to send an RST and serial number.

This would be a ripe harvest in the 10m Challenge for any activators equipped to go on the green keys this weekend and work many unique calls - @M1EYP (MW1EYP/P) perhaps? I just worked R3PR and UN7CN to check my system out as I hadn’t used soundcard RTTY in the shack for several months.

73 Phil G4OBK


I haven’t used RTTY before so I headed up GW/NW-043 armed with a laptop and Fldigi.
There was a lot of RTTY sounding noises around 28.100 and Fldigi was decoding some stuff but most of the text was garbage.

Tuning up and down slightly, I clearly saw HZ1TT and LZ1JZ calling swapping signal reports with others and sending QRZ? but I wasn’t able to make a contact with them. I’m not sure if they couldn’t hear me, or if I was doing something wrong. Calling CQ didn’t generate any responses either.

Jumping onto FT4 got no contacts either, despite plenty of chasing and clocks being sync’d - PSKreporter only shows 1 station hearing me! FT8 was more productive.


I was using RBN today to test a new radio I have bought. It came without a microphone so I could only test it on CW. While testing on 15m the screen was filled with spots for RTTY which I didn’t know RBN covered.

Thanks for the explanation why there was so much RTTY activity. :slight_smile:

But the radio is working and I even managed to chase @VE2NM on a summit on 20m.

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THere were plenty of Europeans coming in here in the WPX RTTY.
I did not hear any familiar SOTA people, though. There were RTTY signals from about 28079 to 28145 or so, pretty heavy action!
It was better on Sunday, as there was a big solar/magnetic disturbance on Saturday. I had 240 QSOs, about 25% were Europeans. The IC-7600 does RTTY with no computer necessary, just a keyboard.
John, K6YK