Cq 2m0cfb

Hi Ian, good luck with your 1st activation on saturday. Ben rinnes is a nice one to do. I did that one late last year. If your on VHF fm put a call out on 145.575 and you should get a few guys in the inverness area come back to you. If im on the radio on saturday ill listen out for you.

But be aware there is the ARRL SSB DX contest will be on, causing severe QRM on the non warc bands.



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Thanks Adrian, I will give 575 a try for sure. Barry, GM4TOE also mentioned the contests, I have just built and tuned a link dipole so will try that. 17m will be worth a try by the sound of it.

I also have a 2/70 beam, so will be SSB too.


Ian, 2M0CFB

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Yeah that sounds good, im going to give 17m a go this weekend too for the 1st time. Barry got some good DX i believe on it last week. Did he tell you i stole his intendid hill for last weekends activation, not far from ben rinnes actually :slight_smile:

GL and hope to get an s2s sometime with you.