COX TOR possible new one?

A friend of mine just been up this summit
browsing through the photos spotted the trig point

Cox Torr
Near Tavistock on Dartmoor in Devon that,s not on the list of G/DC listing

But has a trig point pyramid tower
SX530761. Height: 442 m,

Have we missed one
any reason this not on the list
would love to know


No. Read the rules and then you will know why this is not a SOTA summit.


Sorry tried reading the rules provided am in the right section
still no explain why


Hi karl

The hill you suggest does not have a prominence of 150m Before suggesting that it does, check on Wikipedia for what prominence means in this context:

73 Richard

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Richard thank you

understand that now
the answer i was looking for


No doubt will answer many other people in wonder
learnt something new today

Karl :slight_smile:

Hi Karl

Here is the relevant section in the rules;

3.5 Guidelines for the definition of a Summit
Each Association is required to determine a strategy for defining a list of Summits that is consistent with the nature of the general terrain in that Association. The definition must take account of the following guiding principles

  1. The Association must have sufficient topology to enable meaningful Summits to be defined. The SOTA Management Team recommends a minimum prominence for summits of 150m. The minimum association prominence that can be accepted in the Programme is 100m. In the event that this rule cannot be met, the Entity or Subdivision will, unfortunately, be unable to participate in SOTA. Prospective associations wishing to use a prominence of less than 150m will need to be able to offer sound justification for their preferred value, and be able to demonstrate how the use of a lower prominence value will significantly add to the viability of a prospective association.
  2. Summits should be distinct peaks. This means that there must be a vertical separation of at least the association’s prominence value, between Summits and their associated cols (also known as saddles). Peaks separated by a shallow col should be considered as a single Summit. This principle ensures that there is a distinct climb associated with every Summit.
  3. The Programme is intended to be inclusive in nature and therefore Summits should not be limited to the highest points in an Association. To encourage participation by as many people as possible, any summit that meets the requirements of principle (1) above should be eligible for inclusion in the programme. An Association Reference Manual that does not include a suitably wide range of Summits, when such peaks exist within its boundaries, is liable to be rejected by the Management Team.
  4. Summits that are accessible by road can still be included in the programme, although operation from vehicles is not permitted.

It is recognised that operation from the exact top of the Summit may be difficult or even impossible. It is also important that SOTA operations do not disturb the enjoyment of the mountains by others. Accordingly, each Association shall define the Vertical Distance from the precise summit, within which a Summit operation will be considered valid.

In the UK we use the Marilyn summit list which is verified independently of SOTA.

Also, just because a hill has a trig point that does not automatically make it a valid SOTA summit.


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No problem. Very few people initially understand what prominence mean in this context thus this question comes up frequently! But your hill has a trig point so it will count for the new WAB award.

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One of 386 in Cornwall.


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That is the information one is after
Big thank u Mike

And yes the rules some what hard to understand in places but what said gent G3CWI explained it perfectly and a grasp has been reached and understood why its not on the Sota site and the trig site is giving me ideas in relation to the WAB award :slight_smile:

thanks again all for you help

very happy bunny

The rules are on the SOTA website.

interesting found a local trig point to me

TP21862 - Carkeel

Oh dear its buried under the building :smile:

To what one meant the trig point referred cox hill not being on the Sota list G/DC
yes the rules are there and better explained to me now and understand that section :slight_smile:


Maybe you should have said that then. Or maybe ask Santa to bring you a bag of commas and full-stops for Christmas next year. Or see if you can find some in the sales.

Can not see that happening.
Been in Santa,s bad book,s for many a year now
No hope,s of redemption :slight_smile:

Happy New Year.


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You forgot apostrophes; they’d help too!


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Hello Karl,

I think the best thing to do is to visit the location and see what you find. I recall you have need to care for your partner so you may not have time for such research but if you do it will be worthwhile.

I was very surprised that Kent has so many trig points - 800+.



Cheers for that mike
Just drag her along she likes the country side, not so much climbing up and down the hills thou.

Have found on the trig site local here, but three are built on and one is on top of a MOD site just over the bridge. 800 in Kent wow that,s a lot, but again thanks for the link well useful info for have to learn now when find a Sota in UK after 1st Jan for now can find its trig number as well its WAB square too. Surprising how many WAB squares one has gained doing Sota alone.

Yes 2015 is going to be interesting for sure.

PS Kitt hill (G/DC003) has two trig Numbers one for the pyramid concrete square and the tower that’s near by, so will that be a bonus when one is up there activating the G/DC-003 plus its WAB SX37.

Been an interesting learning curve today.


Did someone mention my summit? Must visit it sometime and claim my rights!

73 es hny fer 2015