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Cow alert

today i activated schoberstein (oe/oo-073) and found a nice place to build up my antenna. but during the activation suddenly about 20 cows were very, very interested in my antenna … so i had to quickly seek shelter because i feared they would break my antenna. that’s why i disappeared so quickly off the air at 0929utc … some photos of my activation are on


In reply to OE5REO:
Yes cows are very curious.
I see you use a Buddipole, are they standard telescopic elements or the extend ones.

In reply to 2E0KPO:

i used the standard ones for a while, but then bought the extended version … now it’s much easier to get a good swr on 7mhz.

In reply to OE5REO:

In reply to 2E0KPO:

now it’s much easier to get a good swr on 7mhz.

Yes they looked longer, I cheat and use a tuner… :wink:


In reply to OE5REO:
Hello Martin,

I hope you still have an antenna. Remind me to work you S2S sometime using our SSEG alternative callsign M0O.

Type ‘M0O’ into QRZ.com to view QSL card. - http://www.qrz.com/db/

73, John G4YSS

In reply to OE5REO:

Fantastic website Martin, & a very good photo of the cows HI!

You have some very nice scenery around Austria & I look forward to working you very soon. I am mainly active on the lower HF bands, but I do like 10m & 6m when they are open, which they have been recently :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF