County Armagh


Well we’ve opened our account with an activation of Carrigatuke GI/CA-003, with many callers on 80m CW and SSB. I don’t know when we’ll be back in GI, but the intention would be to complete the Mournes (GI/MM) where we have 5 down, 12 to go.

A bonus would be to do some GI/CA as well. It is interesting to note that three out of the five CA summits have never been activated, despite appearing on maps to be very close to the others. I then found out that they house British army installations and are considered ‘no-go’ areas.

Not overly troubled by that(!), I decided to find out more. The results are that the British ‘look-out’ posts were being decommissioned in 2006 and the land returned to greenbelt. This is certainly the case with Camlough Mountain GI/CA-002 and Croslieve GI/CA-004, although I am not sure about Tievecrom GI/CA-005. I haven’t been able to ascertain whether this procress is complete or not as of yet.

However, these further investigations revealed a further problem - crime! It seems that Southern Armagh is nicknamed “Bandit Country” for a reason! Most reports and resources refer to the continuing problem of vandalism and theft to cars left in the visitor car parks for Slieve Gullion GI/CA-001 and other places in the forest.

I will keep an eye and ear out for updated infromation, but if access is now available on the CA summits, I should certainly like to visit them. Perhaps using the local bus services to travel to and within the area would be wise though!


I have added my solitary CA summit - plus all my other summits from the GI trip, to the summit pages here on SOTAwatch. The links will take to to the reports and photographs from the activations. I have also updated all 168 links (groan!) to my website summit pages; a necessity caused by changing my host (which is much faster, so you don’t feel obliged to put the kettle on while waiting for them to appear on screen).

The photos from GI/CA-003 are interesting - you can see how quickly it got dark!

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Very interesting Tom… and yes your pages are loading much faster. I’m intrigued by that large wall featuring in some of the reports too… scary.

73 Marc G0AZS

Thanks Marc.

The Mourne Wall: