Costa Rica (non SOTA) Suitecase DXPedition Feb 28-Mar 3

I realize Costa Rica is no Heard Island but if anyone needs this as a DXCC entity I’ll be down in TI7 land operating at TI7/W6PNG Thursday Feb 28 - Sunday Mar 3rd with a couple of friends.

Main event is the ARRL DX SSB contest where hopefully our 100 watts and a bit of flimsy wire makes us a workable US target.

Contact me if interested in trying to organize a sched.



It is no a Heard Island, but there are only about 100 active amateurs. There is a lack of CW operators. My suggestion is to operate from Casa Talamanca at Plata del Coco. Gunter (TI7WGI) has antenna towers, and you only need to bring your radio.

Thanks Oleh.

We are pretty close to Gunther but going back to the same location that we did last year. Only draw back is the punishing wind.

Maybe next year we will try a coastal location and get the verticals on salt water benefit.