Corsica (TK) joins SOTA

The MT has great pleasure in welcoming Corsica as the latest addition to the SOTA family with an Association that becomes “live” on 1st March 2009. This has been a long time in preparation as much of the preparatory work was done when SOTA-France was being created. Indeed, at one time it was considered that Corsica might be treated as a region of the French Association, but it was considered preferable to have a resident AM if at all possible.

For many months the search was on for a suitable volunteer, and, although we thought that we had found our man at the end of 2007, the task ultimately proved fruitless.

Eventually the MT agreed that, because of the major effort undertaken by our SOTA-France colleagues, SOTA-Corsica would be launched with an AM on the French mainland. It is our intention to transfer “ownership” to a resident AM just as soon as one can be found.

SOTA-Corsica consists of a single region with the code TK, and contains 158 summits. The highest is Monte Cinto at 2706m, and, despite the southerly latitude, there is sufficient snow on the peaks each year to justify a winter bonus for all summits above 1500m.

The MT extends its thanks to Alain F6ENO and Lionel F5NEP for their diligence in preparing the documentation, and for ensuring that all summits fully comply with P150 by reference to SRTM data and detailed topographical maps.

We look forward to hearing the first Corsican SOTA activation very soon.

Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:

Hi Les
Thank you very much for comments
I will be QRV from Corsica Island 01 to 15 august, and QRV on F/TK-109 Punta Di Buturetu 08.08.2009 10hutc +/- 40 30 20 m cw … also ssb
73 laurent F8BBL

Good luck with the expedition and activation Laurent. Please note that Corsica is its own association, rather than a region in the France association, and the SOTA reference will be TK/TK-109.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:
Hi Tom
sorry for mistake, Ok thanks for TK/TK-109 info
See you in the pile up
73 laurent f8bbl

In reply to ALL:
In reply to Alain F6ENO and Lionel F5NEP:

FB Alain F6ENO and Lionel F5NEP for the good and great work !
Hope to visit TK once … perhaps during a holiday periode.
Not this year because then is SV5 (EU-001) on the the program here.
We try also to do some sota activation over there.

Cu soon again on the bands and sota QRG’s to you both.



Thanks to all for your efforts. Corsica (TK) is another country to add to my list of possible future holiday spots. This is ne of the rarer EU Countries to work DX wise and it now has the added SOTA attraction. I hope to get there one day and hopefully we will put a few chaser QSOs in the shack logbooks as well this summer.

73 Phil

Nice to see Corsica joining the SOTA family and I look forward to my first TK SOTA in the log book.

I notice from my log that although I have a few TKs on 14 mHz the vast majority of contacts have been made on 18 mHz so it might be worth considering this band for contacting UK chasers.

73 Steve GW7AAV

The Corsican ARM is now available, in either English or French, on the SOTA website at Summits on the Air

The SOTA database has not yet been updated, which is why the website currently shows no regions and no summits! All will be ready for 1st March.

In the meantime, details of the summits can be found in the ARM.

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:

In the meantime, details of the summits can be found in the ARM.

and here
(Dpt 2A and 2B)

73 Alain F6ENO