Correct Ref

For all who worked me after 2330z Feb 24th I was on W7O/SC-248. I had no service to do an alert or spot and it spotted me on my 1st summit. I tried to send ref and requests to spot to ops (K6YK spotted me-TU!) but some still logged me wrong.

The 2nd was close to the TH of the 1st, W7O/SC-020, and initially I didn’t plan to do 2. Old Maggie Dog barely made it up the very steep and warm first summit of about 1800’ gain, 1200’ last .6 miles! It was tough. But after we recharged and shared a can of fish at our car, I took a look at SC-248 and to my surprise the USFS gate was open so we got a bonus drive up! Thanks for the qsos! de AG7GP


Thanks Amy, I had you in my log as being at W7O/SC-248. Always a pleasure to get you in my log. By the way, I am very close to activating some of the local SOTA’s around here. Thank you for sending me the map site. The plan is to drive up to the summit, park the car, unload everything, radio(s), laptop, antenna (my new delta loop) and batteries and operate until I run the batteries down. I will probably use the FT-891.
de W6LEN / Jess