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Correct pronunciation for “/“ sign in a callsign


You should have told him to read TR61-01!


Paul M/W6PNG,
you raise a vary valid point here. Does the STROKE even ne4ed to be pronounced? the receiving operator may record is as / but the transmitting operator shouldn’t need to state something self-evident.
You stated you’re portable, you must be /P.
I have the same issue with emails and websites *com. It’s universally understood there’s a dot preceding COM, NET, GOV, US, UK.


It does for CEPT operation.


Yes, I understand and agree with that!
I suppose I should note I’ve NEVER seen an operator – on LOCAL communications – get lazy or sloppy. That is a bit of an annoyance. We’re always bringing new operators along so we really shouldn’t be teaching bad habits!


The only one i know is - . . - . :grinning: since i don’t have any microphone

Vy 73


So no “barre de fraction” for you. :slight_smile:


Only in the real life, even if in France the word “slash” is now much more used than “barre de fraction”, most probably because of daily / permanent use of computers in personal and professionnal activities.


Does the STROKE even ne4ed to be pronounced?

Do you really think that M/W6PNG and MW6PNG are the same station?


LOL! No, but M/W6PNG and M0SNA are the same station.

Walt (G3NYY)


:coat: here’s your! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wikipedia says:
Der Schrägstrich „/“ (formell solidus , englisch slash )

Der umgekehrte Schrägstrich „\“ (engl. backslash )

thats in my 70 year old brain…


Except for CEPT operation where the word “STROKE” is mandated. See TR-6101 (2.3)

The CEPT rules say “must” not “should” or “can” but “must”, so “stroke” it is and nothing else between the visited country prefix and the callsign.

Simples. :slight_smile:


No, you meant STROKE. My understanding is it’s a long-time military convention to use STROKE. Certainly, we’ve liberalized the definitions to, D. All of the above.
It’s difficult at times when people dial in on a specific when there are multiple acceptable definitions, BUT…no one should have a heart attack over this.