Correct method for callsign update

Hi there, I was granted my vanity call NN6RF this morning and wasn’t entirely sure of the correct way to get this updated correctly to my account here for my login name as well as to get the Database updated correctly. I saw a thread that seemed that requesting here was the appropriate way to do this? I’m worried if I try to do it myself I’ll end up messing my account up. Thanks in advance!

Do it on the database (things using SSO) yourself.

I’ll do it for you on here.

EDIT Done.

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Ok great thank you!

What about the situation that I find myself in. I have received a new call sign, one that reflects the geographical area that I now live in since first gaining my licence. However, my new call sign formally belonged to a now silent-key. The issue I have is that he was an active member of SOTA and still has his achievements recorded on the database. I feel that I would be disrespecting his memory if I used the new call sign for my SOTA activations so I continue to use my original call sign.

Does SOTA MT have a procedure to allow re-cycled call signs to be used and yet not remove the memory of a silent-key’s achievements?


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Callsigns are not used as a primary identifier in the database. You can log using any call you are entitled to use.

The SK ham may need their callsign updated to be marked as SK (I assume ZL3CC?)


I’m impressed…you got on to that very quickly. Yes, you are correct. Andrew was a well like and respected member here in the Canterbury Ham community and he was one of the early adherents and promoters of SOTA when it first hit the shores here in ZL. There is even a memorial day held annually for him here, where as many hams as possible are encouraged to get out on to summits and have an activation party in his memory.

When I moved to this locale and went to change my call sign I saw ZL3CC was available without knowing anything of the history behind it. I saw it as an ideal call sign for QRP work, which is my primary interest…infinitely easier to be picked out of the noise level than ‘Victor-Tango-Hotel’.

Now; knowing about Andrew and his exploits I have been hesitant to use the call sign so as to avoid offending any of the older ham community or any of those who were close him.

All that said, and not intending to be callous, life goes on, call signs continually get reused over the generations and maybe I just need to bite the bullet and start using it.

Phil ZL2VTH (for the time being :worried:)

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We’ve done this kind of change before as calls get reissued, last time it was for a US call. Changes in the UK licence mean we’ll start seeing long relinquished calls be reissued soon. Some of them will have last been active 50+ years back. So I thought the ZL authorities are quick to reissue what was Andrew’s call: ZL3CC. Then I realised he will have been SK for 6 years this month which is quite amazing how quick time has passed.

When you are ready, use the Contact SOTA link and we can adjust stuff.