corni di Canzo I/LO-232

Hi Guys,
the activation of yesterday evening that I postponed to this afternoon had a good implication. I started to walk from Valbrona to rifugio SEV, i climbed up the last rocky steps and I arrived on the top I/LO-232.

The top from rifugio SEV

The last rocky steps

The cross on the top

I had with me a 4.5mt fishing pole I fixed 5mt wire on and I putted some radials 1-2 meters long.

My setup

the first four qsos was dx stations: I called on 15mt cw, I saw many rbn spots from NA. I managed 3 dx stations on this band @K3TCU, @VE1WT, @VE2JCW. I qsy in 17mt and also here I completed a qso with @W4JKC and some European and Russian stations. I managed other two European stations also in 10mt cw.
Many thanks chasers!!
Roberto iw2obx


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