Corndon Hill GW/MW-013

Well I have just about managed my second activation within a week. This means that I don’t appear to have much work on at the moment (football!) and I am as thin as a rake. Well, sort of :slight_smile:
So off I trot over to have a look at Corndon Hill GW/MW-013.
By pure luck I managed to park somewhere close to the recommended spot and decided that in future I might invest in a map for my van.
Boots on and fishing pole once more in hand, merrily walking down the lane.
Suns out, cloudless skies and a very nice 20 degrees C greets me this morning. I am going to enjoy this.
Over the style and look up. OMG! What I thought would be a nice stroll turns out to be a 45 degree slope ALL the way up. And I mean ALL the way up. Over 500 feet ALL the way up :frowning:
I take my time. No need to rush things on your day off John, I keep telling myself - until I can’t speak anymore. I am sure I was fitter than this 25 years ago…
Some kind chap had thoughtfully left me a nice bench to collapse on when I eventually get to the trig point. How he got it up that slope is anyones guess.
After a few minutes to recover, I am greeted with a spectacular view 360 degrees. (Corndon Hill is a huge mole hill in shape.)
A friendly local points out Snowdon and then Cadair Idris. Great view - well worth the ‘stroll’ up here.
Try 40m first. Thanks to HB9BIN (George) as my first one in the bag. Then MM0USU, G4OBK, G0TDM and finally G4ELZ from Newton Abbott - a great cider bar town!
QSY to 20m and my thanks to : HB9MKV, DJ5AV, DF5WA, PA2LO, DL1AZZ, EA1RW, LA1TPA/P (S2S), TF/M0VFC/P, OZ/G0GRC (Grantham Radio club on holiday), and
Spain to Iceland on 4 watts…worth the walk up here.
The walk down was great fun, although anyone wanting to activate this mole hill in future, please note : there is a much easier climb up if you go a bit further down the lane and it brings you to the summit from the rear of the old wood.
Now, where did I put my hot-rub?

In reply to G1STQ:
Thanks for the summit to summit 2-way QRP QSO today, John!

73! Mads, LA1TPA