Cool interactive HB9SOTA activity map

On Saturday, June 27 the HB9SOTA activity day for 2020 took place.
It was the first time I could attended this event and it was great fun!

Today, I received the HB9SOTA newsletter with all the details and statistics of this event (58 activators attended, which is a new record) and I thought I have to share this absolutely stunning interactive map covering all S2S contacts within HB9 with you.
A click on an activated summit reveals the activation details and you can even use the time slider at the top to see the development of the contacts during that day.

The map was developed by @HB9DQM and I want to thank him and the whole HB9SOTA management team for their great work!

73 Stephan


What a great effort from @HB9DQM !

I wonder if something similar is possible for after the OE-to-Europe summit activations day on September 19th ?

73 Ed DD5LP.