Continent number three

Well happy

Another good day working sotas across Europe and UK

Just noticed checking the CT9 IOTA ref which is AF-014

oh oh oh 3rd continent worked on sota

Now have Europe / America and now Africa
Get hold of the Australian one be good
One day one day :slight_smile:

a well happy 1k sloth

Hi Karl,
I saw the CT9 alert but unfortunately couldn’t hear anything. I’m still chasing a second W4V contact to give me two contacts into that association and with it my third continent for the mountain hunter award.

As regards VK - VK1ATP is currently on 14.330 at my noise level (UTC 0721 21/12/2014) - long path between 0700 and 0900 UTC may be your best bet to capture a VK association.

73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI / G8GLM.

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Caught the spot for CT9/DL8DTW/P yesterday but couldn’t hear anything on any of the bands - couldn’t even hear chasers calling Thomas.

Conditions (plus my antenna), not good enough I guess.

73 Ed.

Hello Ed,

I have lost count of how many times I have heard chasers giving very good reports and I cannot hear a thing :wink:

A good antenna is key but as you say the propagation calls the tune whatever setup you have.

Absolute classic for me is to hear a DX station (SOTA and non SOTA) and within seconds a QRO station arrives 1kc away - game over.

There is always another day.

Best wishes to you (and everyone else) and good fortune in 2015.

Night night.

Not often one does not hear your signal here in SW UK on 20M not a big signal but always a good audio.

Also usually well hear Scottish stations regular on 20m and French and Dutch and Belguim being down this far flung part of the country about 90 miles from lands end does help never had that while one was in Suffolk.
But also being on top of this hill Near the Plymouth sound and about mile and too from sea level as the River Tamar mouth is only about a mile from here yet the land here rises so quickly and next highest point is the moors and Kitt hill G/DC-003. It quite a good location from a Radio point of view.


Hello Karl,
Thanks for comment. Good luck with your chasing, your mast project and perhaps your Kitt Hill activation!!
Best wishes to you and yours and good fortune in 2015.

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Hi All,
Thanks to Mike M0JCQ on EA8, I got my third continent! (Africa) to add to Australia and Europe. I was expecting to crack North America first and all being well I will next week however the request for the Platinum Mountain Hunter award has already been sent to Barry!

Now back to doing something about my poor activator score …

73 all Ed.

Well done
yet to work VK sota myself broken into NA EU and AF
13 points short of me 2k at this moment


Don’t hold your breath Ed. I have been working on certificates since 9am (now 4pm) and your order must have come in while I was doing them. Now need a break to do something a bit more constructive!

Sometime later in the week

No worries Barry! - I know you have lots to do and that I missed this weeks “run”. I think you once told me if you have time, you try to take care of SOTA stuff on a Sunday, sometimes only every second Sunday, so I was hoping my request may be in the queue for next Sunday. Hey you’ve got a life and other responsibilities than just the great work you do for SOTA.

I’ll be happy whenever you get to it. I’m just happy that I managed the second contact wth James while he was still on EA8 - I have had several misses with activations previously, it was great that I managed to get James on 2 EA8 summits in two days.

73 Ed.