Contesting from NW-051

Did my 43rd activation of NW-051 this morning for the RSGB 70cm Low Power Contest.
Many thanks to all stations who called and especially those who made the effort even though they didn’t have an antenna designed for this band!
Prize for perseverence has to go to Mike G4BLH for digging out his 70cm beam and then holding it aloft inside his house in order to make the contact!
Thanks to Nigel 2E0NHM for supervising the contact and congratulations on attaining your Superslothdom.
Most unusual contact was with G0IAY/P who was trying out his new FT817 from inside a Travelodge near Hyde. Surprisingly good signal with just its rubber duck antenna.
Activity in the contest wasn’t brilliant and I worked 35 stations in all - best DX being G0VHF/P at 337km.

Best wishes to all,

In reply to GW4EVX:
Nice going Ron - tried to join in but my Ft-100 has decided its an oscillator on 70cms. Need some copper foil to perform mod :frowning:

Roger G4OWG

In reply to GW4EVX:
Did have a listen for you Ron, but heard very little on 70cm (unlike 6m!). However, I do think my 70cm antenna / feeder needs checking over - the FT-897 isn’t too happy on the 70cm beam.
Perhaps next time!
Graham G4FUJ

In reply to GW4EVX:

Hi Ron,
Nice to work you in the contest, I don’t have too many 70cm SSB contacts in the log and even less in the SOTA log so every one is welcome. I didn’t have a 70cms antenna up at the time (new one arrived today) and was surprised to see that the SWR on the 10 ele J-beam was 1.1-1. I was even more surprised by the rejection on said beam which appeared even more narrow than on it’s designed band, not that I intend to make a habit of using it out of band.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get you contact 36 as Helen (GW7AAU) was having a lie in and the contest ended before I could drag her into the shack.
I just hope G0IAY doesn’t think he will work that far on his rubber duck every day, there are a few too many activators that think they can. ;o)

Regards Steve GW7AAV