Contest QSO in SOTA

Can contest QSO made from SOTA summit (with equipment reached on foot) be counted on and logged in SOTA database and 6/12m challenge?


Yes, as long as it as a valid SOTA QSO (power, antenna etc.) then it can be logged.

Thanks for the clarification.

This sounds like a brilliant way to boost your score in the 6m/10m challegne Karel - go for it. The chasers will also be listening out!

73 Phil

I was emailing a central European activator who had some scoring questions about the challenge. His log was impressive and when he showed me his portable antenna you can see why his log was so good. Who’d have thought a good antenna would make a noticeable difference :smiley:

Put his SOTA challenge station on in a contest and I would imagine he’d be typing in the log for some considerable time!