Contact details HB3XZI

Does anyone have an email address for HB3XZI that works?

I’ve emailed him without luck. He’s got more accounts than Imelda Marcos has shoes and I’d like to resolve this.

If you have an email that works then send it to me in a PM. Or if you know him, ask him to email me at (mm0fmf AT

Andy, did you mean shoes or pair of shoes?
There were supposed to be more than 1200 pairs of shoes, hi.

He’s just created another account now :frowning:

Do you get an award upon reaching 1000 accounts? :rofl:


So no need to verify an email address when you create an account?

Andy, he has on qrz

Geoff vk3sq

Thanks to Heinz HB9BCB for helping me make contact.

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