Congtatulations Steve

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Yes, congrats Steve, an amazing achievement, thanks for the many summits/points. Also well done on a superb job in DM/BW

73 Mike GW0DSP

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congrats Steve thanks for the many summits/points. Also well done on a superb job in DM/BW

73 Barry M3PXW

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Well done Steve.
Thanks for all the points and the uniques!
One day I will give you a 5/9+ I promise :wink:

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Congratulations Steve and well done.
Many thanks for all the summits etc.
Here’s to your next 1000

73 Graham

Thank you for all the points you’ve given me sofar Steve !!

Congratulations on a great achievement


Congratulations Steve and well done,
thanks also the s2s till now and look forward the next ones…

vy 73 klaus DF2GN

Well done Steve.

Thanks for all the S2S and chaser points.

Robin, GM7PKT.

Lots of Steves but only one INKy. Well done! You are one of SOTA’s elite forces.
I look forward to taking as many of the next 2,000 chaser points off you as possible. Mind you the two posters above aren’t doing too bad either. You’re in good company.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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Also Congratulations from me Steve G1INK and thanks also for the points you have done a good job of the DM/BW summits :slight_smile:

73 Terry G0VWP

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Thanks all for the nice comments re 2 x M.G.

Back at the salt mine now so I should be able to get my activations in the database. The G/SE summits I wanted to do were both curtailed by the wx. I did actually set up on Detling Hill once the rain had stopped but all I had on 2m ssb was white noise. Even a spot from 2E0HJD didn`t drum up any customers due to the time (0030ish local) so I packed up & tried to catch an earlier shuttle under the channel - wnich I only just missed.

Once down in DM/BW land I had a great time - thunderstorms apart. Meeting Klaus DF2GN & Ralf DH3IAJ was great & I thank them for their help & warm hospitality.(& beer). As posted elsewhere on the reflector, we all went to Friedrichshafen together & met many other SOTA people, there were plenty of photos taken so Im sure theyll appear on Flik`r. I was impressed by the number of people who attended the SOTA lecture by Mattias. Back to Folkestone last evening I was faced with 20m visibility on the motorway & maniacs doing 80mph, so I decided against Cheriton Hill. I went directly home with the car headlights pointing to the sky with a car full of cheap wine.

Summits activated - 10
Contacts - 391
Contacts per band - 40m (116) 20m (223) 10m (52)
Distance driven - 1586 miles, 2254 km
Fuel used 18.4 gallon diesel, 82 litres
Economy 86.1mpg, 3.2l/100km
(pity I`m getting rid of the little car)

I was very impressed by what I assume was sporadic E on 20m which enabled reliable inter Eu working with big signal strengths from all summits. Now to start pounding away on the database. :wink:

73s Steve G1INK.

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Glad to see you come safely home. It was a nice time with you, perhaps next year again. Hope for more contacts with you in future and as good band conditions as you had during your activities on the summits.

73, Ralf DH3IAJ

Now we must buy new wheat beer for our club, all bottles are emty!!!