Congratulations: Your football ladies were really good!

I’m not really the football enthusiast… but at some point I got stuck at the TV during a Women’s European Championship - football match: England against ???. It was so entertaining.

Then I deliberately watched a German women’s game… they were really good too…

But I told everyone that I could imagine a final match between England and Germany …and that I thought the women from England would win.

That’s what happened! I think it was a great game!

73 Armin


During the match, the sports commentator said, the German women’s team had never lost a final so I wasn’t expecting England to win. And when Germany equalized in the second half, I thought it might go to a penalty shoot-out. And it the men’s game is anything to go by, Germany are normally unbeatable on that.

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I don’t think you can really use those statistics here. There are always other teams with other players on the field.

I’m not really a football fan and it may be that in some years I don’t even know who won the competition in the first place… and that for both men and women!

The first game I happened to tune into was England’s 8-0 win over Norway. The ladies from England were just great and I felt sorry for the Norwegians … (It reminded me of Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil).

From then on, I tried to watch a game more often.

I always find penalty shoot-outs a bit unfair. There is always luck involved.If it were up to me, there would be two first places in such a situation. :smile:

I did Judo for a while - there are at least two 3rd places.

73 Armin


Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win - Mr Gary Lineker

For ladies he must work about another description :wink:

I saw the match and appreciate the level - it was great on both sides.

73, Jarek

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Funny how we remember things differently. It reminded me of England beating Germany 5-1 in 2001.

Great match between clearly the best two teams in the tournament. The overall winners were women’s football, and the sport of football as a whole.


… fully agree! Being trainer of a girl’s team, I’ m already looking forward to the hopefuls who may soon join our ranks.
Just would like to add that I liked the way the French and Spanish teams played.

73, Roman


Yes, Spain was another close tough game for England, as well as Germany. But to win a tournament, you have to beat your strongest rivals - and the England ladies managed to do that.


Hi Roman,
This is “Dancing with the Stars” effect :wink:
History does not remember the opening of as many dance schools as at the peak of that program’s popularity :wink:
73, Jarek

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Yes… these are the fashions.

It happened in Germany with tennis after Boris Becker and Steffi Graf and with racing cycling after Jan Ulrich… but there are always some who stick with it… and that’s what counts.

They might not have had access to it otherwise.

73 Armin