Congratulations to W1PTS for 3 X Mountain Goat

Congratulations to W1PTS for achieving 3 X Mountain Goat on 1/1/2021 on W4C/WM-SU-033.
Way to go Tom!


Tom, congratulations on 3xMG! FB!

Andy, N4LAG

Congrats, Tom, for such outstanding achievement. Very well done!
Thank you for the QSOs along the way.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again during your next MG.


Bravo Tom for the 3rd level
73 Roger


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Congratulations, Tom !
73 Gary

Congratulations, Tom!

Derek WF4I

well done tom , great achievement , ray

Good job, Tom! Liz and I were both lucky enough to work you on your triple goat summit. Getting there was no easy task and your dedication is obvious. :hiking_boot:

73 and keep it up,
Ron and Liz

Great goin’ Tom. You’re in the rare air of SOTA Activators and you got to 3K under very adverse wx conditions…and thx to John KN4LRI for going out with you yesterday. Now on to 4000.
Chip K2KJD

Congratulations, Tom! Thanks for all the contacts and looking forward to many more!

73, Walt

Ken, K6HPX

That is a lot of activating Tom! Lots of fun! Congratulations Bob AC1Z

Congrats Tom
Roland K7FOP

Congratulations Tom!

Keith KR7RK

Great Job HNY

Tom, it is always a pleasure to work you but especially on 1Jan for your 3rd MG. Congrats. David ND1J

Congratulations Tom! Let me say this… I haven’t chased you on a lot of summits, but when I hear your slow but consistent CW, it is a beacon of hope for me to activate more summits on CW as well.


Congratulations Tom and way to go! You are like the Energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going and going! :grinning: Won’t be too long before you are :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat:

73, pat - ki4svm

Congratulations Tom on 3X Goat! You are doing a fine job with CW too! 163 chases in my log! Thanks!
Gary K3TCU