Congratulations to W1DMH who has achieved MBDA, F100A, AWAC, CSA, SGS

Congratulations to Doug, W1DMH who has achieved his Master of the Black Dog, First 100, Smile of the Great Spirit, Catamount Survivor, and Activator’s Worked All Connecticut Awards, has lived to tell the tale and has proved himself impervious to both Black Dogs and Catamounts.

I believe Doug holds more awards than any other W1 activator and his achievements speak for themselves! Way to go Doug!

These awards as well as several others are detailed in the SOTA W1 Manual and I would very much like to see who else can achieve awards in W1. Application for an award is made via email to me, QRZ email address is valid.

I am very much looking forward to crowing the first King of Connecticut one of these days…


Tom, N2YTF
W1 Area Manager


Doug was also one of two stations who became the first Goats outside Europe, during one weekend in September, 2012. The other was KT5X, who was first by 48 hours.

Elliott, K6EL

Congratulations Doug, Master of the 1-pointers! Dean ~ K2KB

That’s a lot of Awards Doug! Congratulations! Bob AC1Z

Congrats Doug, well done!

Great stuff Doug, well done.