Congratulations to NS7P! 150,000 Chaser Points

KT0A put Phil, NS7P over the mark today to give him 150,000 Chaser Points. That putting some extra zeros to the right of Shack Sloth. Way to go and thanks for all the chases of me. Dean ~ K2JB


Outstanding and way to go Phil. You’re always in the chaser pile-up and have a good signal here in my location.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats Phil! Always loud on the chase!

73, Jim

And thanks for being there so often; it always generates an instant smile to recognize your call when we’re out there.

All Best, Ken and Kay

Congratulations Phil - just mindboggling. Keep on going, always appreciating your strong signal.

CONGRATULATIONS Phil! I can always hear you in the chase from
the LEFT coast. BZ // AB4PP

Congrats Phil! Really great fun getting to be your 150,000th point! Sorry I didn’t say anything at the time. I copied your ‘150000P’ but it took me a bit for it to register what it meant hihi.

Been very few of my activations that I didn’t work you… you’re always at the top of the pileups. I’ve been doing a little chasing lately and discovering what a challenge it is to work those little signals consistently. Congratulations again!

73, Gary/KT0A

Great job Phil! If you’re going to SEAPAC this year, look forward to enjoying some pizza with you guys again :wink: 73, Todd KH2TJ

Great stuff Phil.
Ihave you in my log 56 times.


Nice work my fellow PacNW dweller. And thanks for a lot of chases on 40m! :beers:

Josh WU7H

Thanks for the kind words. SOTA is a great bunch of OPs. I am planning on activating soon. I miss the action.

Congratulations Phil! You are in my log many times! Bob AC1Z

Fine work Phil, I got you on the S2S PNW event this past weekend. Nice having the pros out there!
Another Phil KG7KKE

Glad my 2 activator points got me in your log. Congrats!

Congrats and thanks for the QSOs!
Takeo, JP3PPL