Congratulations Robert M0RWX - 3x MG

Congratulations to Robert @M0RWX who I see has now become a 3x Mountain Goat!

I’ve always kept an eye on Robert’s progress ever since we bumped into each other on GW/SW-033 in 2021. At the time our SOTA points tally was quite similar. It’s fair to say our respective trajectories since then have been rather different! :grin:

Well done for racking up so many points in such a short period of time. I wonder how long it will be until the next MG?

73 and congratulations again!

Matthew :beers: :beers: :beers:


Well done Robert - glad to have helped you along the way. Thanks for numerous contacts & s2s.


Many cong=rats again Robert - do you ever stop? Glad to get you on SW-003 - bet it was busy and cold.!! BTW just looked at your log for Craig y LLyn and looks as if you went there twice (and activated 2 hills at once??). Think there might be something wrong there - or my eyesight once again!
73 Viki M6BWA


Congratulations Robert :+1: :goat::goat::goat:

73 Allan


Goodness me… you must be turbo powered! Many congratulations on achieving a goal that I never will… nor will many others! Well done., a super achievement :grinning:

73, Gerald


Congratulations Robert :+1:

73, Ben


Many Congratulations Robert. Very well Done Indeed. Three times MG so quickly. It is always a pleasure to hear you on the air. Best Wishes Robert. 73 de Paul. M0CQE.

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Nice one Robert! Onwards and Upwards!



Amazing achievement! Many congratulations. :slight_smile:


Congratulations Robert.

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Thanks Matthew @M0JSB

Thanks for the well-wishes!

I remember our first encounter at Wentwood GW/SW-033 vividly when I noticed a man with a backpack without a dog veering off the path into the woods. :thinking:

Then I recognised the bag you were carrying; it contained the MP1 Super Antenna and it all made sense.

I have returned but shall never approach the Trig Point again with its spiritual offer-like paraphernalia at the time.

I had a look and it took 288 days to accumulate 1,000 activator points (GW/NW-010 Moel Siabod), 287 days for the 2nd (GW/NW-009 Cadair Idris) and 344 days for the 3rd (GW/SW-003 Fan Brycheiniog).
I have no ambitions for a 4th just yet; just hope the shoulders will improve and allow me to continue carrying a backpack (which is quite crucial)…

My eldest son accompanied me on the activations which was great. Visibility was poor and I made a point of not twisting the pole sections too tight due to the freezing mist/fog.

After the activation we stopped off at GW/SW-010 Craig y Llyn. As we drove to the parking spot, the landscape changed the moment we reached the upper plateau. Not snow, but the freezing fog had turned the grass and trees white.
As the activation came to a close, the sun came out. A nice end to a great day out in Bannau Brycheiniog.

Thanks again!

73, Robert


Many thanks Rod! Always a pleasure to speak with you.

Many thanks Viki! I was inactive for the last 3 months of 2023 and slowly getting back. Thanks for the S2S; it was deserted when we arrived, but then a very large group turned up. (I have corrected the log; it carried over times from the previous one.)

Thanks Allan! Was good to make contact earlier today. :smiley:

Thanks Gerald! Always good to speak with you. I’m glad I was able to do it whilst the legs and shoulders allowed it.

Thanks Ben! :+1:

Likewise Paul. It’s always good to speak with you!

Thanks Martin! Looking forward to making a first contact with you when you are /MM. :sailboat:

Many thanks for the well-wishes John!

Many thanks Kevin! Looking forward reading your next report.


Congratulations Robert! Beautiful pictures mate!


Excellent photos, thanks for sharing them. Great that your son was able to with you for the ride too. Any hopes of us hearing a RWX Jnr on the air one day?

You paint quite the seedy picture! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Congratulations Robert! 73 John.

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Congratulations Robert, great achievement!

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Many thanks Kristof. Thanks for all the QSOs along the way.

He is a keen walker and spends the odd wild camp in South Wales. At some stage he was thinking about getting a license but he seems focussed on other priorities…
He has come with me on most of the higher summits in GW/SW; he does second guess the signal report from time to time, so who knows.

Many thanks John. Thanks for all the contacts to MW, NW, SP, NP and LD.

Many thanks Roger. Thanks for all the contacts along the way.


One day perhaps!

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Hearty congratulations Robert, a great achievement number 3.


Many thanks Ian. Hope you and Esther are both well. Looking forward to the next S2S!
73, Robert