Congratulations on Activation

Would like to say well done to Phil ON4TA for his activation in Ireland today. It must have been terrible conditions. I could hear the rain, I think, it was very loud in the background when he was calling. I think there was strong wind aswell. How these activators keep going I just don’t know. And how they don’t loose there logs with the cold, rain and wind… and when it snows, well.
I promice I’ll have a go myself but wait for some better weather and try a moderate hill as otherwise It could be a bit of a shock to my system this time of year.
Well done again
Damian M0BKV

In reply to M0BKV:
I activated W4/BR-003 yesterday (25/02/12). Again, terrible conditions with winds gusting over 35 MPH which causes noise levels well above S-9. There seems to always be QSB on signals from Europe although the signals on peaks are louder than many state side signals. In the W4 area summits without trees are rare so the wind noise is the norm.