Congratulations MM0DHY

Congratulations to Adrian MM0DHY who “goated out” yesterday on Bheinn a’Ghlo. Not only did Adrian reach 1000pts he did it with a 100% unique activation history. Enjoy your goatdom!

Andy, MM0FMF
Scottish Association Manager.

Congratulations Adrian on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M3EYP

Nice one Adrian. A few words about your experiences and a photo would be appreciated, to my email address for a future press release. I will also update that thread and add you to the list of things I am calling for such details for.



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Wow - a fantastic achievement - great stuff Adrian!

Nick G4OOE

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Very well done Adrian.


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Congratulations Adrian.

Karen 2E0XYL

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Belated congratulations Adrian, & thanks for the S2S from a very windy G/SP-011 back in 2009.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to MM0FMF: Thanks to all for the congratulations! I had set myself the goal of getting to MG this year so last weekend was my last chance. We were lucky with the weather, a reasonable day for the time of year. I was accompanied by my long suffering partner Moira. We set off from just south of Inverness just after 7.45. Arrived and geared up and off about 9.40. Temp -4 lovely! On to the first top GM/CS-029 at 11.45. Cold!! A good breeze blowing so loads of windchill. I had thought it would be a quick activation on 2m because beaming into the central belt. No such luck, 40 minutes to get the four contacts. Frozen to the bone! Off to GM/CS-009, better luck here and got the contacts on about 10 minutes. Getting very cold as the sun was going down fast. Hurry back to the car but the quickest path was over the top of GM/CS-009 again so more uphill first. Crampons on at the top of the down slope as it was getting quite dark and the slope was very icy in places. Got back to the car about 18.10. Done it and reached Goatdom!

7 years! First activation with my kids, a 1 pointer. Highlights: 58 points in a weekend in the Cairngorms 2 bivis. The Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye. Ski touring to a summit in Switzerland at Easter this year with Colwyn MM6YCJ when we were on the Haute Route. The Pic de Rhule in the Pyrenees this summer. Glamaig on Skye one December night a few years ago… I could go on and on. Lots of good memories. I remember having a S2S with Robin GM7PKT on the day he reached his MG, a few years ago now!

Recently I have got the CW sufficiently good to use on the hill which is very satisfying after many years trying to improve.

Still lots of plans for many more hills.

Tom I will try and get a few pictures and some writing to you shortly!

My thanks to all the chasers over the years and I look forward to many more contacts in the future.


Adrian MM0DHY

Congratulations Adrian. Surprisingly our only contact was not quite a S2S: I was on Meall Garbh and you were on Binnean Shuas with Colwyn, but you weren’t activating Binnean Shuas so you could keep that 100% record!

Well done.
Caroline M3ZCB

Well done Adrian, fantastic achievement. I look forward to a few S2S for the next 1K.

Colwyn MM6YCJ