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Congratulations Manuel EA2DT for 100K chaser points!

This following table has just been published in other thread and I want to highlight the 100K chaser points milestone reached by Manuel EA2DT, who is now WORLD’s 10th chaser!

Big, big congratulations Manuel for such huge number achieved with low power (100 watts) and modest antennas CB GP and dipole most of the time and multiband GP just lately.
Thanks for almost always being there and also for so many chases.

I hope we’ll keep having you on the bands ready to chase us again and again for many years to come.

Bravo, Manuel!




Congratulations Manuel on achieving 100,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats on the milestone.

Congratulations Manuel.

73 Rich N4EX

Congrats Manuel

Congratulations Manuel.

73 Jan OK2PDT

Congratulations Manuel on the 100K points. 73 Don G0RQL.

Congratulations Manuel,

73 Ed DD5LP.

Congratulations Manuel!!
Now, for the another 100Ks more :wink:

Congratulations Manuel, and thanks for the qso´s and the help in many off my activations

Best 73

Um Grande Abraço Manuel :wink:

Congrads also to you, Manuel.

Well done, Manuel, and thanks for the contacts.
38 contacts in my log; every little helps.

Congratulations Manuel

Thanks for all the contacts on your journey to 100k…long may they continue.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Congrats Manuel and thank you for all the contacts we had
73 Franz ON9CBQ / DL3RBF

Hi Manuel,
Congratulations to reach the number 10 in the World. Thank you so much for the 67 times You chased me.Hope to here you again often on the band.
vy 73 de Karl, OE5JKL

congratulations Manuel.

73, Hans PB2T

Congrats on the 100k chaser points and thanks for all the QSOs!
Heinz, OE5EEP

Wow great service, Manuel. Had some QSOs agn yesterday :slight_smile:

Congratulations Manuel, it’s really a good job.

Congratulations Manuel, and many thanks for the QSO’s when I was out activating.