Congratulations G4SSH

Congratulations on reaching 40,000 Chaser Points Roy !!

Well done - a great achievement

73 Graham G3OHC

Incredible, Roy!

Congrats & 73!

Congratulations Roy on achieving 40000 chaser points.

Jimmy M3EYP

Not so incredible ! Roy is always ready and for sure, he waits for us "Activators"
73 de Roger

Congrats Roy, 40.000 points indeed are an outstanding achievement! Browsing my log the call G4SSH turns up more than 140 times - since October 2007. Many thanks for all these contacts, always a great pleasure!

73 Bernhard DL4CW

Congratulations Roy!

I may be wrong, but I think I know your “secret” :wink:

Obviously, as you have mentioned on here previously, you have more time to chase than some others may have. You also have a pretty good station, by all accounts, but I don’t think those things alone are the key. (no pun intended HI!)

Apart from the dedication that it takes to monitor the usual SOTA frequencies, it takes something extra to be a supreme CW chaser.

You need to re-wire your Brain!

Although the saying is “Practice makes Perfect”, the best pratice of all is to do a lot of something you enjoy, that way your Brain re-wires itself & you get better with very little effort.

I suspect you are one of those CW operators that never cease to amaze people like me, who have never had the time to get truly fluent in the mode. Whilst I could probably get up to 30wpm+ given the time, I doubt that I could do what you, & some CW operators can do, & read multiple QSO’s within a few Hertz of each other. While I can pick out the odd callsign in CW a pile-up, to be able to read seperate conversations so close together takes some doing. And of course, your ears & what is between them, are really the most important part of any CW station.

I have heard you on the air many times, but as yet do not have you in my log, but I hope you will be listening when I use CW on an activation in earnest, hopefully sometime soon.

And preferably on 160m :wink:

Once again Congratulations on a fine achievement :slight_smile:

Thanks & Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Congratulations Roy! It is always a pleasure to hear the call with the 10 sucessiv dots and to to meet you on the band. For me as activator, you are a very reliable station, even if the condx are not so good! - many thanks for all the contacts and I look foreward meeting you in the future.
73’s de HB9BAB / Jürg

In reply to G3OHC:
Indeed, congrats Roy. Got a little way to catch you up… (which I will never do anyway as you always are in the same pileups as me!).

As for copying CW, yes it takes some practice, but having been doing it for 40 years it is second nature. I can keep track of nearby other stations, but cannot follow two at once. What I certainly cannot do is hold a conversation while I am trying to send, I gather there are some who can.

73 Dave G3YMC

My compliments for your great achievement G4SSH Roy.
Tanks for all qso we have made and I hope for even more in future.’

73 de LA1KHA kjell

Congratulations on your achievement.
After few minutes I’m going on my regular activation of Z3/WM-046, and only one thing is sure, that the G4SSH will be in my LOG, hi.

                                     73, Vlado Z35M

In reply to G3OHC:
Hello Roy.
Super! Congrats!.
I hope I can reach, one day, 40000 uniques :-).
Always a pleasure to hear you in the QRMMMMM.
All the best and good luck to 50000 points.
André - f5ukl

In reply to G3OHC:
Congratulations dear Roy. Ever hear your callsign in biggest pileups. 73 es hpcuagn soon.

In reply to G3OHC:Well done Roy but how am I ever going to catch up if you keep widening the gap.

In reply to G4WSX:

how am I ever going to catch up if you keep widening the gap.

Well you got 4 points off me on 30m today that Roy didn’t, so that’s a
start! :wink:

Roy, congratulations on a great score. I can’t wait till I hear dididit dididit didididit cutting through melee again.


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A truly excellent achievement Roy. Such dedication makes us mere mortals feel weak!

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congratulations Roy, well done!!

Roger MW0IDX

In reply to G3OHC:

Roy you are the man. well done

73 Mike g0hio

Well done Roy - what next? 40k on phone?



In reply to G3OHC:

Fantastic achievement Roy!!!

Hope you have enough food ,it must be getting awfully cramp with those 40 sloths in that QTH!!