Congratulations and thanks to those resonsible for the new reflector

It’s now been a few weeks since the new reflector system was introduced and from what I can see it has been a total success. The integration with the other parts of SOTAWatch work very well. Where we used to go to the old reflector, we now go to the new and while the look and feel is different, it is still very clear and straight forward to use (IMHO).

So a big


from this fan of the SOTA facilities provided to us all free of charge and of a very high quality by the MT!

73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI

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I second that. The New Reflector is GREAT.

TU and 73 Angel

Believe or not I thought a few days ago about writing something like this but I hadn’t the time to do it in that very moment and later I forgot it.
I’m glad that you did it because I think the MT deserve a BIG CONGRATULATION for the great work done putting this new reflector in place with nearly or absolutely zero issues for the biggest part of the users.
Big thanks to the MT and all the users-contributors of the new reflector, which I find absolutely great and even more attractive now.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Hi there,

I agree to Ed and the others. A big THANKS also from me. For the users the change from the old to the new reflector was without issues. That’s good work! So many thanks again.

vy 73
Jana DG5WU

It’s pleasing to see people happy with the considerable change that is the new reflector. There are still some rough edges to be resolved, email digests being one such thing. What is nice, IMHO, is to see just a few photos embedded into activation reports. Enough to give a taste of what it was like without turning the reports into Flickr with words!

There was extensive discussion on the MT as Discourse was such a change but after we used it ourselves for about 6months we decided the potential was worth any grief, even if it can be a bit slow when used on older, low memory, slower computers. We have moved away from self hosting a self written app which was becoming more and more difficult to maintain. In Discourse we are using a modern program which is designed to scale and grow but also is actively maintained and developed by others freeing up our own time.

Whilst it was a case of “all hands to the pump” for the actual changeover, the person who has driven all of this including dealing with getting this site running, getting every post from SOTAwatch ported over etc. is Jon GM4ZFZ so you should thank him rather than the rest of us.

To have images in the post feeds at the current quality is superb !

Makes for very enjoyable reading.

Well done indeed MT !