Congratulations 5 times shack sloth

Congratulations Doug G1KLZ keep plodding on

Congratulations Doug on achieving 5000 chaser points.

Jimmy M3EYP

Congratulations Doug, and thanks again for all
those contacts when we were in Bentham in July!

I don’t know if you’ve heard via the grapevine,
but my wife Judith M6XDY and son David M6JIB
are now licensed… so maybe you’ll be able to
work us all on a joint activation next Summer?

73, John 2E0VCO

Congratulations Judith and David on getting your foundation licences.

Jimmy M3EYP

Congratulations Doug, I’ll be a right old codger before I reach that target.

73, Derek

Well done Doug!
5x sloth, that’s an achievement not to be “sneezed” at!

Andrew - M0LKB
Clifford - M6LKB

In reply to G1OHH:

Congratulations, Doug!

Thanks for the contacts and hope to catch you from another summit soon.

Karen & Neil

In reply to 2E0XYL:

Many congratulations Doug. Always a pleasure to work you when I’m out on the Fells. Hopefully catch you again soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG