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Congrats to Ron W6PZA on Mountain Goat status


Ron just passed the 1,000 activator point mark a couple of days ago in his new home state of Oregon but a significant portion of the heavy lifting was done in Cal.

Well done Ron and I enjoyed our joint activations along the way.

Picture of Ron activating back in Feb 2016 in East Bay, SF Bay Area.



Congratulations Ron on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations, and welcome to the herd!!!


Yes. A hardy congratulations to you for this amazing feat!


Congratulations, Ron, Welcome to the herd! :goat:

Dave, AE9Q


Congratulations Ron! And thanks for a couple of S2S on your MG day!

–Chris K7TAB


Congratulations Ron on achieving Mountain Goat and welcome to the herd.

Lee N7LP


Congratulations Ron, great job.
73 GL


Congratulations Ron well done


Congratulations Ron. Always good to work you.
Job Well Done!!!
de John Paul // AB4PP


congratulations. A very hard acheivement Richard wa6kyr


Congrats Ron! Now that you’re in Oregon and I’m in Nevada the extra distance between us gives me a better chance of hearing you on HF -looking forward to more contacts - welcome to the herd!


Congratulations Ron !! Thanks for all the 20M SSB QSO’s along the way.

73 Rich N4EX


Congratulations Ron on achieving Mountain Goat.


Outstanding, Ron!! Welcome!

Mike AC0PR


Congratulations Ron. Here’s to the next 1,000 points.

Roland K7FOP


Congratulations, and welcome to the herd!!!


Congratulations, Ron, and thanks for all the contacts.

Ron and Liz


Congrats, Ron. Looking forward to chasing you over the next 1,000!

73 Paula k9ir


Thank you Paul and everyone for the nice recognition! Really enjoy activating and plan to keep at it, looking at setting new goals. Learning CW is a big one… Thanks again!!