Congrats to Jürg, HB9BIN, and René, HB9NBG, for their 8th resp. 1st SOTA mountain goats

Early spring seems to be the preferred time this year for our farm owners to enlarge their goat stalls.

An 8th goat enlivens now the already large stall of Jürg Regli, HB9BIN. He catched it on his last tours to the Vosges and the French Jura mountains. No summit is safe from Jürg, so enjoy your retirees’s life to realize new projects and discover new regions. We’re looking forward to being inspired by your ideas and catch you here and there!

New mountain goat René Lutz, HB9NBG, is a well-known SOTA enthusiast here in HB9. He and his wife Carine, HB9FZC, own a shop for amateur radio gear near Basle and have equipped many Swiss SOTA beginners with the essentials to make future mountain goats happy. It’s a ridge hike by itself to enjoy amateur radio and even live from it, but they do that with that much joy and dedication – check out their Youtube videos to get to know them and the sceneries around their activated summits.

I’m sure that the next months will enlarge the Swiss mountain goat herd furthermore. Feed our activators with summit points to help them grow!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congratulations to both Jürg, HB9BIN and Rene, HB9NBG!
Keep it up!
Look forward to many more contacts and S2S!

73, Sylvia

Congratulations Juerg! 8000 points!!! Amazing!
See you!

73, Sake PA0SKP

Congratulations Jurg it’s been nice to chase you from down under. Congratulations Rene on making Mountain Goat.
Ian vk5cz …

8000 points - to me that is incomprehensible. A dream beyond dreams. I am happy just to have 2000 as my target. Well done Juerg and many thanks for the chaser points along the way.

Congratulations Rene. I still recall how pleased I was to have reached Goatdom. Onwards and Upwards from here!

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Well done and congratulations to Juerg and Rene on gaining their achievements,only sorry have missed you Carine and Rene with the poor conditions. 73 Don G0RQL.

Congratulations to both of them! Excellent performance for Juerg, he is a real performer on SOTA activations and his antennas are perfectly fitted for this job. Hope to activate with you again, Juerg!

Congratulations to both Jurg and Rene, very well done on your achievements.
Always good to make the contact with you.
73’s Ken

Congratulations Jürg, I sometimes doubt if you are living in a home or up in the mountains :grinning:
Look forward to work you many more times. Take care.

Good job René and Carine on your nice videos, thanks for sharing.
73 de Ignacio

Hello Jürg and René,

great news from you both.
My best congratulations to your success in SOTA.

All the best and 73


Hello YL’s and OM’s

First, Carine and I congrats also Jürg, HB9BIN for his unbelievable 8000 Points and Daniel, HB9IIO and Rolf, HB9DGV to their Mountain Goat Award :smile::smile:

We both thanks you all very much for your congratulations and for all the QSO’s which we had in our SOTA-activations 'till now - we look Forward to many more in the future :sunglasses::sunglasses:

From our last activity, on which I (HB9NBG) have reached my Mountain Goat, we’ve made a Video on our YouTube-Channel - it’s in Swiss-German, but we hope, that the beautifull Pictures from the Swiss alps speaks for it’self :wink::wink:

We thank you all very much and look Forward to our next S2S :grin::grin:

vy 73’s de René, HB9NBG + 73/88’s de Carine, HB9FZC

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Congratulations Jurg on achieving 8000 activator points and congratulations Rene on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Very congrats, Jürg and René for your respective great achivements.
Particularly Jürg’s 8th MG strikes me as a stratospheric one!


Congratulations Juerg.
Keep going to 10k!

73, Bojan

Congratulations Jürg. 8000 activator points sounds me as something stratospheric. Outstanding !!

Antonio, EA4MY

Congratulations Juerg!!! I remember the joint activations in Thessaloniki! We have a lot more summits waiting for you here in Greece going on to 10k!!!Thank you very much for all your help increasing my KX3’s output power!!! Congratulations to all other swiss stations for their achivevements!

73 Christos.

Well done Juerg HB9BIN and Rene HB9NBG.
My best congratulations to your success in SOTA.
Look forward to many more contacts and S2S!

73 Henry

Many Congratulations and thank you for all the points given over many years

Well done Jürg, HB9BIN & Rene, HB9NBG. You did well. Much hard work! I get to know on local 145.400 from Roy G4SSH, every time you work him. You are one of his best customers!

Thanks also for the S2S today Jurg.
73, John G4YSS