Congrats to DL4FDM / 100th. first activation

Hi Fritz,

congrats for your 100th. first activated summit !!!

celebrated with a big big pile up…congrats Fritz

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

Great performance Fritz and tnx for the points !!!



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Wow!! 100 First activations, that is a terrific achievement.

Congratulations Fritz on a job very well done.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Congratulations Fritz
100 First activations.

73 Barry M3PXW

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Congratulations on your 100th first activation Fritz,
and your usual superb signal.

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ

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Many congratulations on 100 ‘firsts’ Fritz. I have only caught you on 6 summits to date but look forward to your 200!!

Best 73’s

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Bravo Fritz,

Vraiment un beau palmarès pour toi !
Dommage, je n’étais pas à la maison ce matin.

Toutes mes félicitations et rendez-vous au 200e…

73 QRO
Alain F6ENO

PS: merci pour le sympathique QSO pendant le concours UFT
et pour le QSO depuis RP-294

Impressive stuff Fritz. I don’t know if anyone else has recorded 100 first activations. It is different in different countries of course - there aren’t any firsts to do in G or GW! Just guessing, contenders for others that may have done 100 “firsts” could be G3CWI, GM7PKT, MW0YLS etc. It is not filterable on the Database, so maybe one for the stats section in a future SOTA News?

My list of firsts stands at a pitiful seven: GI/AH-004, G/SE-008, SE-012, SP-006, WB-014, WB-015 and WB-018

Congratulations again Fritz. Most people never even reach 100 activations, let alone 100 Unique summits, never mind 100 first activations. Excellent.


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Congratulations on a magnificent achievement Fritz. Thanks for all those chaser points and uniques.


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Hallo Fritz, thanks for the first SOTA qso her on 40m in ssb. Nice signal with the 5 watt with 58-59 (DX 77 and Gap Titan vertical here) and congrats to the 100 first activation!!!
73 Matthias DL1JMS


A very good achievement indeed. I think I have only about 20 and they took me 5 years! Well done & take care on the hills.

73, John G4YSS.

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Félicitations Fritz !
Je ne regrette qu’une chose: ne pas avoir été présent au QRA pour te donner un report lors de cet événement exceptionnel.
Je suis trés heureux pour toi, car, vois-tu, jamais je ne connaitrai ce bonheur, … même avec une grande barbe, je serai certainement “QRT” avant. Hi! Hi! Hi!
Lors du dernier concours UFT je t’ai espionné: je t’ai entendu faire QSO avec Alain (ENO). Mais comme j’étais “chaser” à ce moment-là, je n’ai pas pu te contacter.
Encore une fois: félicitations pour cet événement, et pour l’ensemble de ton trafic radio. Tu es un “professionnel” du radioamateurisme. Hi! Hi!
73 UFT QRO Fritz,
et toujours au plaisir de te retrouver sur l’air.
André, F5AKL

Hello dear SOTA-friends,

many tnx for all your kind wishes!

I was very happy to contact so many “SOTA-friends” on my “birthday-activation” on DM/RP-297.
Condx were excellent on 40m as Roy G4SSH/a was real 599 with his indoor-ant!

It was lot of fun for me making all those activations on HF and I am thankful to SOTA who gave me plenty of wonderful hours staying out of the shack and finding new friends on the radio!
Tnx to the many “workers around” who made it possible with all those lists, databases, sotawatch, news, etc!

My first activation was in October 2005 together with my dad HB9RE,my XYL and my two sons.
Since then I could activate many summits with them and I hope to do some more next year!

The only “family-problem” are the growing pile-up´s on 40m.
In 2005 30 to 60 minutes on a summit was enough.
In 2007 90 to 120 minutes of operation time is necessary to work most of the callers.
That´s ok within beautiful summer-wx, but in the winter :frowning:

Bye the way, many tnx to Klaus (DF2GN) who at the end of the RP-297-operation reminded-me of the coming of hurting feets and fingers after sitting 2 hours on a cold summit.
Yes it was just as you promised (Autsch) …hi hi

I am sure we have some more op´s who also made 100 1st-activations.
(hw abt DF2GN,DH8DX,DJ3AX,HB9AFI ?).

The 1st activations were in the following regions:
France: F/AB,MC,VO.
Germany: DM/BM,BW,HE,RP.
Switzerland: HB/AG,NW,SZ,VD,ZG,ZH.

to F6ENO et F5AKL: merci beaucoup Alain et André pour tous les qso et super travaille pour SOTA et CW.
J`espere que nous avons le temps pour “une bouteille” dans les mois prochaines!

Many tnx again to everybody and hope to QSO you many more times again.
Also if I am at home in the warm shack :slight_smile:

Merry Xmas and a happy 2008


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Congratulations Fritz !!!
Tnx for all points !!!
Merry Xmas es happy new year.
73 es 77

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Hallo Fritz

Congratulations for your 100 activated summits.

Für mich ist es immer eine grosse Freude Dich auf den SOTA-Frequenzen zu hören. Leider ist es nicht immer möglich mit Dir ein QSO zu haben wenn die Bedingungen nicht optimal sind. Dazu arbeite ich in meinem QTH auf 40m nur mit einem Dipole und dem K-2, so richtig SOTA-mässig!
Ok Fritz, ich wünsche Dir zu den kommenden Festtage alles Gute und weiterhin viel Spass an unserem Hobby. Ich freue mich schon jetz Dich bald wieder auf SOTA zu hören.

VY 73’s Hans R.

Well done Fritz on the 100,tnx for the two yesterday and look forward to the next 100.73.Don G0RQL.