Congrats M0JLA on 2500 Activator Points

Congratulations Rod on achieving 2500 activator points after 7 years hard work - and a lot of laughs, weather (!) and superb views. It has taken nearly 800 activations to reach this total as we live in an area (the Welsh Borders) with a large number of 1 pointers within fairly easy reach and not many high scoring summits. Luckily South Wales is also fairly close and, usually not too treacherous in the vital Winter period (5 points add up much more quickly than 2 points!) hence the winter bonus of 594 which is the 4th highest in All G. Please keep up the good work, Rod (especially as you are carrying my poles these days!) as I still have a long way to go…
Viki M6BWA


Respect! Congratulations Rod, thats a lot of paces :smile:


Well done Rod. Thanks for all the contacts along the way especially all those s2s. Thanks for making my log today and keep carrying those poles for Viki :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Well done Rob thanks for all the contacts,see you on your next one.73 Don G0RQL.

Well done Rod - good work!

Well done Rod! Always a pleasure to speak to you and Viki!

Well Done Rod.
I was glad when I got to 100 points I am sure you are very happy.
Keep it up.


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Very well done Rod, a major milestone.
Cheers Ken

Congratulations Rod, very well done, hope to work you again soon !

Many thanks for the comments above and also to Barry, GM4TOE, for the certificate and mention in SOTA News.
The pursuit has been great fun most of the time but a bit grim at others; the cold and wet does get through after a bit.
Many thanks to the chasers; top man is Don, G0RQL, with 400; extra thanks for this, Don.

There are 54 SOTA summits within 60km of home and we try to find different routes up many of these from year to year. A single 2 pointer in winter every year for seven years yields 35 points, so it can add up quite quickly. I have used 80m, 60m, 40m, 20m with ft-817, ft-857 and, currently, KX3; all ssb with a long end-fed wire originally and latterly a linked dipole (+coils for 80m). The 817 and 857 have also done 2m ssb and, along with the VX-1, (very briefly), VX-3 and, currently, VX-7 2m and 70cm FM, (usually on shared activations with Vicki, M6BWA, when weather or weight carrying restrict our choice) and using a water-pipe dipole, wire co-linear or even a 30cm helical stick. Most have been qualified with 4 QSOs on one band and extra contacts on other bands. The odd one has required more than one band to qualify, including, I am sure but can not currently remember for certain, one needing four bands :scream:
You should find us active again in the next few weeks/months; Wales (several), and LD are already booked.
Hoping for s2s with MM0FMF next week.


Well done Rod. I seem to recall you whizzing past me in the fast lane some years back, but since then I have been stuck in first gear. Hopefully a new gearbox at this end will provide the solution, though I am sure I will never have the chance to catch you. All the best for the next 2500. :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Great stuff, Rod!

73 Mike

Thanks for the comments, Gerald.
I almost missed them as the list seems to scroll very quickly these days. I would suggest that your tally of Uniques makes your slower rate of scoring inevitable; I doubt very much if we will reach 500 as we only have a couple of dozen left in G and GW so the remaining 70 ish will take a lot of travelling.
Very glad to see in your thread that you are making progress with brisk walking and plans for some serious exercise once the repairs have been done.

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Thanks for the comment, Mike. Sad that we hardly ever speak these days but activations styles have diverged. I certainly gained a lot of my early s2s from contacts with you so many thanks for that.
Hope to see you at Telford; it does not seem that long since the last one :smile:



Congratulations Rod, a massive achievement and thanks for many S2S contacts along the way!

73 James M0JCQ

Excellent Rod - very well done, thanks for the summits.
Thank you.

Wow! That an amazing. That means you are just about…uhh…yea…2500 points ahead of me. HAHA :smiley:

Thanks for being an inspiration for us noobs!