Congrats Kurt ... first MG from HB9

Hi Kurt HB9AFI,
hope i´m right ,

big congratulations to you for reaching the mountain-goat milestone and
also to be the first MG from HB9 !

hope work you many times more as chaser or activator …

vy 73 Klaus

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Congratulations on becoming the first HB9 MG Kurt. See you at Friedrichshafen in 2008. Are there any photos of the last summit for the Flickr SOTA group?

73 John GW4BVE

Viele glückwunsche Kurt !! und danke fur die punkte.

Great achievement !!!


Congratulations Kurt on becoming the first ever HB9 Mountain Goat.
Thanks for our many cw contacts and for the points.
Well done.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Hi Kurt,

Congratulations to you for reaching the mountain-goat milestone and also to be the first MG from HB9 hope to work you many times as chaser or activator well done.

Terry G0VWP

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Hi Kurt
And many congratulations from me too - its always a pleasure to work such a good and friendly operator - my log says we have worked 38 times when you are QRV on Swiss mountains and 30 on French SOTAs - thank-you for all the activations.

Very 73 de

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You should feel very proud to be the first HB M/G Kurt. Congratulations.

Thank you for all the CW points, you are always a good signal with me.


Dear friends thanks for all the “Flowers”. Sure happy to have made it… its also thanks to all the chasers.
Some pictures of the recent ones are on now.
73 cu kurt HB9AFI

Bravo, bravo and many congratulations Kurt!
SOTA-MG in HB9 is like an Olympic gold medal!

Vy73 GL es GB lbr Kurt
de Fritz HB9CSA,DL4FDM

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Dr Kurt, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem neuen Titel. Mit viel Elan und Ehrgeiz hast Du das geschafft. Ich hoffe Dich weiterhin von den Berggipfeln zu hören und wünsche Dir dabei alles Gute und viel Bergglück.

73’s de Hans R. , HB9BHW

Many congratulations Kurt. Fantastic achievement. Many thanks for CW contacts when I have been on The Cloud G/SP-015. GL if you will be carrying on to collect Activator Uniques.


Congrats Kurt! Always big fun for me to work you from the mountains.
Thanks for the bunch of points and uniques!
cu on the bands, vy 73, Heinz, DL7RAG

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Well done Kurt.

Many congratulations Kurt. Quite a task with those high summits!

73, Gerald

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Congrats lbr Kurt fer MG,73 Geoff ,G4CPA.

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Congratulation Kurt, FB!! y am happy for you, for “histories” you are my first contact in SOTA activity
f5nep Lionel