Confused with W1AW/1 from Maine

So where was the W1AW SOTA that was signing /1 and from the state of ME. The only spot on the reflector shows him out in western US.

Logged him 17:50 UTC on 14.031 mhz. Perhaps our late August heat spell has me hearing things!

Thanks, John N0EVH

There was a W1AW/7 SOTA but he ONLY did 20 SSB. All the /7 and /1 CW spots were bogus. RBNGate assumed that they were all related. W1AW has been added to the RBNGate blocklist. There was a topic about this earlier.

Only just found this thread, after trying to find the callsign in the database.
There was a spot appeared for this call on 1st November on 24MHz RTTY. Can this be added to the blocked list as well.
I did get a copy with them and great signal into SW Scotland as well. Oh hum!

Neil 2M0NCM

All of the W1AW’s are now excluded from RBNGate spotting, Neil.

I run three instances of RBNGate (1 primary and 2 backups) so as to maximize reliability and availability, and one of the backup instances was missing the W1AW entry in the exclusion file. That’s why there were a few W1AW/1 spots a few days ago. I deleted them from SOTAWatch as soon as I saw them, you must have been paying close attention to the spots! :slight_smile:


Eric KU6J

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Thanks Eric,

I did notice they vanished soon after I worked them. As for paying attention, I have been off my work for 7 weeks with a back injury so have been poised like a coiled spring getting as many chaser points as I can because I don’t get much chance with that stupid work thing. ;

73 Neil