Confessions of a SOTA activator

Currently activating The Cloud G/SP-015.

Upon arrival I was greeted with a cry of “Hello mister aerial man” by a little girl. This was before I’d set anything up!

Just now, I’ve had a passing walker intervene because she saw me sat close to an edge (not that close as anyone who knows me will testify!) and was concerned I was about to end it all…

It all makes a refreshing change from the usual Channel 5 / measuring the wind / contacting aliens nonsense I suppose.


Like a particle, revel in your strangeness, Tom. Strangeness - Wikipedia

Perhaps you are defining a new characteristic called edgeness…

Several regulars know me on Flint Peak.
The peskiest are the Glendale PD who chased me off more than once with helicopter and no less than five squad cars. No arrests and no radio equipment was damaged in surviving this saga. They seem to have learned that I am harmless.

I am in envy of your 10 meter wsjtx signal reach today. YB, LU, ZS, Europe. Power to you!
Local conditions have been pathetic. Sigh.
72, David N6AN