Conditions looking good for Trans-Atlantic

On Wednesday I went to a local summit to chase DX and s2s. The summit is South Mount Beacon (W2/EH-003) which overlooks the Hudson River about 68 miles (110 Km) north from NYC.
Many thanks to all the EU chasers on 18/21/24/28 MHz.

Total 86 QRP CW QSOs with 47 EU DX and 13 stateside s2s. Rig was FT-818 at 5 watts to 40M EFHW Inverted-7 up 22 feet. Looking forward to the Trans-Atlantic s2s Event!

Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


That’s a great catch, Mike! Thanks for the S2S. Funny how when you first call sometimes I only get part of the call, but then I copy everything else solid to complete the contact. Your sending improves conditions.
Things were on the edge of good on Flint Peak this morning. Nine EU and one SA were among the forty-four QSOs logged. I heard bits and pieces of an ON, OE, and other callers, but just couldn’t get full calls. Signals were grainy on the EU path today. I could just hear S57S complete a QSO on 20 SSB with KK7NLA.
From 1415Z to 1514Z I was on a 66’ doublet fed with twisted pair on a 20’ pole.
From 1448Z to 1619Z I was using a 15 meter half square fed with twisted pair.
From 1654Z to 1744Z I was using a 10 meter half square with twisted pair feed.
The KX3 tuner will tune all these antennas on most bands between 7 and 28 MHz when chasing S2S.
Thanks, Chasers!
73, David N6AN


Ditto here in Arizona.

I was on a desert peak yesterday (Oct 18th) and I made 18 contacts into Europe in Ten countries, all but one on 10M CW.

FT818 and a link Dipole…

Baring a flare things should be good for this event.



Wow, Mike, that’s great !
That’s about a week’s worth of chasing for me (on a good week!)
Actually 47 European SOTAs would be a good YEAR for me!
Go gettem!
John, K6YK


I’m amused by how the CW operators jump up and down with joy when they manage dozens of contacts with 1/2 W and a piece of wet string lying on the ground.

Try that using SSB and see how far it gets you. I’m not expecting many contacts at all in the upcoming Transatlantic event, since I’m guessing most of the operators across the pond will be using CW - but I’ll warm up the mic and see how it goes with my 20-meter delta loop and 20W…

Cheers, Rob


Please, look for Brazil in the next Nov, 4th 2023 Trans-atlantic event with EFHW and SuperAntenna 3 elements Yagi 28mhz.

I´ll be work PY2/SE-022



Thanks David for QSO yesterday


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Rob, 10m and 15m will give you a much better chance at success. I plan to use a moxon for 15m and 7 element portable yagi for 10m if wind conditions allow for it. Hope to get you in the log on SSB.



Not to mention that there is not the congestion on those bands like on 14 MHz.

My pre-teen daughter is coming along for this camping and SOTA trip and we are going to do our best to make some EU contacts via SSB. I don’t have anything fancy but a linked vertical with about a dozen radials and near 100 watts will hopefully be successful for her.