Conachair on Hirta St Kilda

Hi All
does anyone know if its possible to reach Conachair gm/si098 on Hirta St Kilda I will be there for 5 days in july and would like to give it a go I have plenty of light weight antennas radio ect but never done a sota before there will 7 of as all licenced there any tips thanks


The walk to the summit is trivial however you need permission to set up an aerial from the National Trust for Scotland. The MoD may have something to say too.

If you haven’t activated a SOTA summit then, maybe you may want to try with some “local” summits 1st to get the hang of it. Again if you’re not a regular activator make sure you read and understand the rules so your activation is valid. It would be a shame to go there only to find your activation is invalid.

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