Compilation of USA summits for Google Earth

Does anyone have all the USA summits in one kml file? I am looking at different parts of the US to go but have found it kinda difficult to have to find the coordinates and then do a search. Is there a map or file with all the summits in it so all I have to do is look at a map and see all the summits?

Thanks for the help. Looking at an activation in the Arkansas are in Dec.

73 de N0AGE

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Not as a kml file, but take a look at this site:

I think you will find it very useful!


Brian G8ADD

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But use it with care. If you ask it to show you all the W7 summits at once then you may find your browser/PC struggles with thousands and thousands of summits all at once.

It is however exceptionally useful for visualising summit locations. Better than Google Earth in my view as I can use any browser on any PC without needing Google Earth installing.


maybe this link is useful:

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Great just Great… This is what I have been looking for. I have spent a lot of time doing it one summit at a time and finding out that the summit I was looking at wasn’t close to where I was going to be.

Thanks again for the sites.


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There is also a kml with all of the summits globally in the yahoo summits group in the files section under maps I believe

73 de Tom, N2YTF